Educational NES games?

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I'm just curious how many educational games were released for NES. Something I wanna collect, as my mother couldn't find any of these games when I was younger. Add a few if I'm missing any, and please ignore things such as game show games or Wisdom Tree games. Thanks.

Donkey Kong Jr.. Math
Sesame Street: ABC
Sesame Street 123
Sesame Street: ABC/123
Sesame Street Countdown
Sesame Street: Big Bird's Hide and Speak
Mario is Missing
Mario's Time Machine

Fisher Price had a few:

Perfect Fit
FireHouse Rescue
I Can Remember

My NES knowledge is getting rusty after all this down time. I KNOW of more, but they aren't coming.

Firehouse rescue is a great game. I gotta grab that off eBay now..

In my opinion, in some ways ALL video games are educational, because they at least challenge you to use skills that you may not even know you had.

Mickey's Adventures in Numberland
Mickey's Safari in Letterland

These are both reasonably enjoyable platform games, but incredibly easy (something to do with the age of the target audience I guess).

I think all the educational games have been listed. So Rabidshark, if I were you those would be the ones I would grab and consider the educational game set complete.

The game Color A Dinosaur isn't really educational, but geared towards children (obviously). Also, I haven't played it in awhile, but Zen: Intergalactic Ninja has a "save the environment" theme to it, though I can't remember if they state any facts during cut scenes or not. I still wouldn't consider it educational though.

hmmm... I wonder if Bubble Bath Babes could be considered educational ;)

Very good point, especially RPG's and puzzle-solving ones. If you can get through all the screens of Championship Lode Runner (Famicom), without a sore brain, you must be some kind of genius!

It was for me, anyway, I never knew that a NES cart was worth so much dough. It also teaches patience, I still haven't made it to the 3rd woman yet; I'll make it someday, I hope.

Yeah! I've been playing Zelda games since, like before time began, and now I look at someone doing a jigsaw puzzle ang go,
"Pff. You need the boss key, duh!"