Open poll: The three best heros/girls/villains

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O.k., I have an open poll that would interest me. I'd like to know from you:

For you, who are the three
a) greatest video game heroes,
b) hottest/prettiest/sweetest/whatsoever women/girls in a game (no matter if they are playable characters, damsels in distress or something else or if they are good or evil),
c) best villains?

Since this is an NES forum, please just name characters that were in at least one NES game.
But you do can vote for a character because of his performance in another game, as long as he also appeared in at least one NES game. (One made up example to explain what I mean: "I like Ganon in "Ocarina of Time", but I think he is lame in "Zelda I"." Then you can vote him. It's not about who was the greatest in an NES game, but who was the greatest in any game and had also an appearance in an NES game.)

A) Link B) Simon Belmont C) Megaman

A) Pok-er Penny B) The woman in the blue outfit in Bubble Bath Babes C) The Dark Queen (Battletoads)

A) Dracula, in any of his Castlevania games B) Dr. Wily C) The Red Falcon
I had to edit this, I forgot about the Dark Queen until I saw 'Newbs entry.
She was only in my signature here for about 4 months...


Any of the croupier girls in Casino Kid.

The slimes in Dragon Warrior if they can be counted as villains. If not I'll go for Wario but mainly for his exploits in non-NES Games like Mario Kart 64, but he qualifies because of Wario's Woods.

The Metal Storm Robot

The Dark Queen. Nasty, nasty girl...

The Trog Cavemen

Well, actually I intended main villains or at least ones that have an important role. It doesn't have to be the final opponent of a game, but it shouldn't be a mere "supernumerary" either.

Correct. It's not important where he was great, as long as he starred in an NES game, too.

Oh, and please: Name the top 3 if possible, not just the best.

1) Simon Belmont 2) Snake 3) Link

1) Samus 2) Samus 3) Samus

1) Dracula 2) Jaquio 3) Big Boss

1) Mick (M.C. Kids) 2) Mack (M.C. Kids) 3) Link

1) Error 2) Error 3) Error

1) The Hamburgler 2) Ganon 3) Donkey Kong