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I had a look through the games section, and couldn't find a real topic about this game, only a topic about NrG's site for the aforementioned game and something else about replaying it that had no responses and wasn't of use.

Anyway, to get to my point, whenever i'm out game hunting, I nearly always see this game and have oft contemplated picking it up, but never have, there's usually something else I want instead. I then got to thinking, and decided to research a bit about this game. I looked at the user reviews on here (which weren't to good) and looked on NrG's site, but I couldn't find fair opinions of it.

What i'd essentially like is your opinion (yes, ) about this game, as I actually value peoples opinions on here when it comes to good/bad games. I'd like to know if it's worth getting to actually play (as opposed to just for collecting purposes) if it's any good, any faults etc. But, most of all, if it's actually fun. Your opinions would be much welcome, thanks.

By the by, please feel free to reccommend any other NES R.P.G's - I have alot of free time.

Yes. It's a classic, and I'm the only one on the entire planet who doesn't like it.

It's a very old school platforming-adventure-rpg game. I'm positive that you would like it a lot.

It's one of my favourites for sure. The controls are a little spotty, and the password system is way glitchy, but it's a lot of fun overall. The first part of the game is really well done, but it sort of trails off a bit which is disappointing.

Those are the only negatives I can think of off the top of my head.

If you're anything like me (lolz) then you'll probably love it.

I think this game deserves to be played... as a matter of fact, I still need to sometime. I'd say go ahead and grab it. The way I feel about it is that it's neither an awful game, nor a great game.

That sucks to hear that the password system is glitchy. Metal Gear was like that around when you pick up your third rank. Nothing pisses me off more than doing tons of hard work, taking the time to make sure the password is correct, then it not working when I come back to the game.

It's funny, I had the same reaction when this game initially came out, and when I saw it used, I just never picked it up. I did get the NES ROM of it, and it's pretty decent.
Now, I'm a bit biased, though, seeing as how Nintendo carts are getting a bit hard-to-find (well, except on eBay), I'd snap up anything I could, unless it's SMB/Duckhunt.
As for other RPG's: Any of the Ultimas, specifically Exodus and Quest Of The Avatar, Dragon Warrior, Tombs and Treasures (if you can find it), and Final Fantasy.

If you really have some serious free time, get the NES ROM of Chronicles of the Radia War. The combat's slow, but it's inventive and awesome.

Yes! Get this game. I love the way its laid out and the music is cool too. I like how your just a regular guy that got bored so you go out and save the big tree. And its the only game that basicly tells you not to get pissed at the game when you die!. Ahaha, "dont have negative thoughts" CLASSIC!

Alright, thanks for your input.
I think I will get it, but i'm holding out for C.I.B copy.
Sadly, I can't find any copies of Final Fantasy or Dragon Warrior ANYWHERE!
I guess they maybe didn't get PAL releases. I could play them on an emulator, but it's not the same, but looks like I may have to.

Try Chronicles of the Radia War, durnit... I need fellow fans of the game.

That's crazy. Dragon Warrior is almost as bad as Mario Brothers/Duckhunt in my area thanks to an NP 'giveaway' of that game. FF I could see though...

I guess it's your fault for being European though ;)

Don't have negative thoughts, buy this game!

I bought it cheap years back, played it a bit and then stopped. I don't exactly remember why, but probably because I didn't like it that much.
Maybe I'll try it again. As far as I remember graphics were uite nice.

If it's cheap, you can surely give it a try.
Why not try it on an emulator before buying to see whether you like it or not?

That's crazy. Dragon Warrior is almost as bad as Mario Brothers/Duckhunt in my area thanks to an NP 'giveaway' of that game. FF I could see though...

I guess it's your fault for being European though

According to neither got a PAL release.
I tried Faxanadu on an emulator, but I can only play so long on an emulator, i'm not a big fan of them. I quite enjoyed it, so i'll pick it up. If it's bad i'll just keep it for my collection anyway (although I don't usually buy games for collecting purposes unless it'scheap)

The first Final Fantasy game released in Europe was Final Fantasy 7 for the PlayStation. Not counting Mystic Quest for SNES or FF Adenture for GB.

None of the Dragon Warrior games were released in Europe, neither was Crystalis, Megaman 6, and a lot of other games.

That sucks.
I guess for every "Final Fantasy" there's a rubbish game we missed out on, like "colour a dinosaur" or "where's waldo?"

before i vote, can someone refresh my momory on this game? I'm pretty sure this was a good game, but I'm not 100% positive.

Faxanadu is one my all-time favorites. Great game

Faxanadu is another game I started but never finished. I liked it though, quite similar to Zelda II: The Adventure of Link.

Faxanadu is one of the best damn games on the NES.