Game of the Week 36/2006: Tetris (all versions there are)

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One of my personal favourites. It doesn't matter how long I play it, I can never get enough of Tetris.
Talk about every version (keep it on the NES/Famicom, though) there is.
You can also post highscores and stuff or the highest amount of lines you got.
My record on Tetris is 196 lines.
If you post something, please also refer to which version of the game.

Now let's look on how many versions there are.
Tetris, Tetris 2 and Tetris (Tengen)

Tetris, Tetris 2
Boxart basically the same as American version.

Tetris, Tetris 2+Bombliss, Tetris Flash

If there are more versions that I just don't know (I know there's a Tetris multicart with SMB and stuff on it, but that's the same version as the first one), feel free to post here.
And now discuss.

Tetris is an amazing game. Very fun and not easy to master! This game and Puyo Puyo are my Fav puzzle games of all time! What version of Tetris is the best? I enjoyed the Game Boy version most, the Tetris DX one.

I like the NES normal Tetris best.
Everybody says Tengen version is better. I'd like to test it, but don't have it.
I played it on an emulator, but for giving an opinion I'd want to try the original.

Ah Tetris...I love the first NES one. Probably my favorite verison, except there is no multiplayer. The music just sucks you in while trying to form lines. Its a great game.

Wow, weird that i have 3 versions of Tetris. I actually have Tetris 2+Bombliss, which is really good. I love this game, gonna pick it up once i finish my season on Tecmo Super Bowl.

I like the Tetris game. It's not one of my favourite games, but it's very addictive. If I start playing it, I can't stop. The one for NES is the one I like best. The Tengen version is good too though.

I think the consept of Tetris is just brilliant, pure and brilliant. Yet simple and easy to understand.

Some cool facts about the game (in case you didn't know) is that it was invented by the Russian Alexey Pajitnov in 1985.

I just never could get into Tetris, though I have to give it a thumbs up for spawning a whole bunch of other fun puzzle games, like Bubble Bath Babes, and one I'm currently Hooked on for MAME called Cleopatra Fortune. Kind of the same as Tetris, but with an Egyptian theme, and the pieces fall a little more slowly!

I hear a lot about how Tetris is addictive but I never found that. In fact I don't think I've ever played it for more than 15 minutes at a time. It's alright for a bit of fun ever now and then, but I prefer puzzle games with a bit more variety. Something like Lolo or Fire 'n Ice.

My favourite version is the Gameboy one (

I loved the Game boy version for the signature song. Besides, I just liked playing games on the Game boy. It was big, clunky, and fun to use.

I like the Tetris game. It's not one of my favourite games, but it's very addictive. If I start playing it, I can't stop. The one for NES is the one I like best. The Tengen version is good too though.

I think the consept of Tetris is just brilliant, pure and brilliant. Yet simple and easy to understand.

Some cool facts about the game (in case you didn't know) is that it was invented by the Russian Alexey Pajitnov in 1985.

Another cool fact is that Alexey's favorite sport was Tennis, and Tetra (or tetr, i can't remember) means 4 (because of each shape is made of 4 blocks, so he called it Tetris (the is from Tennis).

Wow, I didn't know the part with the Tennis. Interesting.

4 is τέσσερα in Greek. (speak like "tethera" in English pronunciation I guess)

I'm pretty sure it's "tetri".

I like Tetris and everything, seeing as how it inspired pretty much all puzzle games, but I can't say that it either Hooks me or pleases me. At one point, I was able to do pretty well on it, but nowadays, I would just keep it to say, "Hey, I have Tetris." It is pretty much a key link in video game history, like Pong, but I don't think I would ever really play it for enjoyment. Unless someone told me to beat a record or something. Then I would enjoy the agony of trying until my trachea bleeds. Owning Tetris just has something about it... like having some sort of underapriciated Acadamy award or something... but playing it for me was just unnessecary brain pain.

Yeah, I've got the NES version, and I'll give it a go every great once and awhile, but I mostly have it to beef up the NES collection.

Man, I suck at this game. I don't think I have the ability to think that fast when it starts speeding up... even slightly. My wiffy rocks at it though. She's gotten the final screen when all characters are on it. I wish I was better at this game, but I'm not. Oh well, I'll rock on Fire 'n Ice when I have puzzle game blues :)

I also particularly enjoyed the GameBoy version of Tetris of all the others I've tried. I'm not the best of players I'm sure, but I don't believe anyone I've ever played against has been able to beat me, so maybe that's why I like it so much. lol. I even went as far as to make my own version for PC, called , but it's been so long since I've worked on it that I'm not even sure if it runs perfectly on WinXP. Last I tried it, the music during gameplay would skip around, and some folks mentioned control problems at times.

I actually remember, that sometimes last year I would turn it to music 3 and use it to relax. Like non-spine-breaking yoga, or Tae-chi while sitting down. Now whenever I play it, I of course do my usual thing and crank When the Levee Breaks for it. And by level 3, the levee does indeed break.

Speaking of Tetris music, here's:

More Tetris goodness on youtube:

A cool Honda commercial from Germany.

Homer Simpson Tetris.

And just hysterical!
I love what Homer does with Marge's hair, and as usual, he seems to 'treat Bart the worst!'

The Simpsons' one is great. I wonder from which season that is. If anybody knows, please let me know.

I thought being addicted to Tetris was automatic, but I guess not after reading a few other posts. I was Hooked on the game, and I always get Hooked again whenever I put it in to play. My first Tetris game was for the gameboy, and I now own NES Tetris too. I’ve played Tengin Tetris, Tetris Gaiden (super famicom I believe), Tetris & Dr. Mario (snes), and Tetris Attack (snes).

On the regular NES version, I’ve been able to get 249 lines. It sounds unreachable, but I’ve played many many times on Game Mode A. It’s not something I can achieve regularly (I usually top out around 200, since there is a big jump in speed when you reach level 19), but during that particular game, I was in the zone. Also, there seems to be a point when the falling rate doesn’t really speed up. Sometimes I start on level 19 for fun (move the cursor to level 9, hold A, press start). My record lines starting on level 19 is around 45-50. It took quite a while for me to beat the Game Mode B on Level 9, Height 5, but eventually I did it. For fun, what I like to do is try to beat 9/5 every 3 out of 5 tries. I don’t succeed very often, but it’s fun to try.

It was 1993 or ’94 when I played tengen Tetris for the first and only time. A roommate of mine worked for a video game store, and I went with him one day. I was invited to the back room, where the employees got to play games, and I swear I wanted to move in permanently so I could play all the games they had. I walked over to the tv, and on the way I had a good chuckle at a ruler I spotted that someone wrote “SHINGEN” on, and they were playing tengen Tetris, which was available for around $100. All I can really remember is that the speed of the blocks did not speed up like they do in the Nintendo version. In fact, I believe I quit before actually losing, since they speed of the blocks never seemed to get too alarmingly fast. It was either that, or else I was nervous because one of the store owners was on their way, and I didn’t think I should be in the back room since I wasn’t an employee. Oh well. Pretty fun. I know I had a desire to see how far I could go in the game, but I was a little more interested in trying out so many other games that were accessible.

Wow! 249 lines sound really incredible.
I thought I was good at that game, but you just now smashed my self-esteem...
Just kidding. You must be one hell of a Tetris player. Congrats from me.

I'm good at getting lots of lines, but other people have their expertise, such as high scores, which I haven't really paid much attention to, and then there's the people that are extremely good at placing blocks FAST, such as the winners from the Nintendo POWerfest 1990 (Nintendo World Championships). In fact, I did want to make the suggestion of having THAT cartridge (the NWC cart) as the Game of the Week. Not sure if I have to make one of those original NES designs though in order to get that one chosen. I figured it would spark people's memories of the NWC though.