Looking for a list of all NES games by Nintendo

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Is there a list with all NES Games that are made by Nintendo themselves (so, no third party titles)? (At least the ones that were published in the USA or Europe, Japan only titles are not that important.)

A good start for North American releases is here:

Be aware that they don't have Mike Tyson's Punch-Out! listed on it though. Also, if you're willing to wait about a month or maybe less, NGD will be releasing his list of games... you could easily find all of the games made by Nintendo themselves on that list for over here and Europe.

Thanks. But I think there are errors in the list. "Kirby's Adventure" is listed as a game by Nintendo, but wasn't it really developed by HAL Laboratory? And "Kid Icarus" is originally by "Intelligent Systems". But the strangest game that I've come across is "Kung Fu". It's listed as a Nintendo game as well, but actually it's by Irem. So, why are there these differences?

So you're looking for a list of games developed by Nintendo, not developed for Nintendo, eh?

I suppose you could hop onto Wikipedia's list of , go through manually to each game's page, and check the developer.

The obvious downsides to this are
-not all games have their own page
-there may be cases that a game was developed by Nintendo and published by a third party, who knows?

But it's the best idea I have, short of working more myself.

Actually yes. Besides, where's the difference if a company develops a game "for" Nintendo (like HAL with "Kirby's Adventure") or if the company is a third party developer (like Konami with "Castlevania")? One could now argue with the exclusivity, but firstly there were instances where third party companies were only allowed to develop the game solely for Nintendo, and secondly the game "Kung Fu" is available also for non-Nintendo consoles.

And that's where it gets murky... Nintendo owns Intelligent Systems, and HAL. So technically, both of those titles were made by Nintendo.

Might be of some use, but it's still going to be quite a task.

O.k., I looked it up. While Intelligent Systems is a division of Nintendo (so, it still falls into the category of a .
And still, yes, I only would like to know the first party Nintendo games for the NES, not the second party ones. Does anybody know another listing?

Crap! I just remembered somewhere else you could check. Like OSG said though, it's work, but not much ;) This site is awesome:

Go to this page:

You can sort by many details; developer and region are included. Hope this helps.

Sorry, I'm sure you want to help me and it's not your fault, but that page is also very unreliable: They list "Dragon Warrior" as a game developed and published by Nintendo (), although it is definitely a game made by Enix. Interestingly, "Dragon Warrior II"-"IV" are listed as developed and published by Enix.

That information is correct. Check the title screen of Dragon Warrior. It states "Licensed to Nintendo," which would mean Enix gave Nintendo the rights to that particular game... though probably for that one particular release. Check out the other three games, as they say "Licensed by Nintendo," referring to the Seal of Quality. This was also why Nintendo could give away free copies of the game with subscriptions to Nintendo POWer.

You aren't going to find any more accurate source on the Internet for what you're looking for, trust me.

Still, Nintendo should only be listed as the publisher. No matter if they have the license or anything else, they are still not the developer.

If you're not happy with what you've found I suggest you either A.) email that site and tell them your findings lead you to believe their info is incorrect, or B.) compose your own list and post it on the web.