EvilNES Reviews!!!: The Superjoy III

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I picked up one of these badboys at a Goodwill for about 5.99 US. I didnt get the pricelessly campy box with it, but fortunately for me I got everything that made the system fully functional. the unit pictured above is the one I have.

It functions like an N64 controller. This one seems cast from an actual Controller, and not sculpted from some guy's memory like the POWer-Joy 1 (which I'll review later.). There's a 60 pin port under the controller so I can start buying famicom games!!!!

The battery pack is a good source for laughs. You put batteries in a clip, and then you put it in this spring loaded port where the memory card would be on a real N64 controller. I made the mistake of pointing the slot at my face and hitting the release button while the "clip" inside was empty, and I end up catching it in the forehead.

The second controller is I must say, a piece of crap. The plastic its made of is flimsy and light. Whats retarded is they added a top row of buttons which serve no other function than being the same button thats below it.(no turbo!!!!) Another retarded function is they included a little screw-on thing to make it a "joystick". The plus side is that the action is similar to that of a sega genesis.

The light gun is my favorite toy on here, not only does it look close to a real gun (I took the stupid orange endcap off mine) Its incredibly fricking accurate. I just point and shoot, and those ducks and crooks are down.
Now I wish they made these like shotguns or M-16s

Now were getting to the meat of the review: The Games! As per usual, the Hong-Kongians offer 76000 games (no joke) but in reality there are more like 45 of them and alot of them are ones are ones we've played a thousand times (SMB,Tetris,Donkey Kong, Contra, etc. ) but there are alot that stand out in this collection like Magic Jewelry (A columns Rip-off) Urban Champion, Crush Roller and Antarctic Adenture.

*wipes off Brow* Phew! that was long! now I must go back and play this Wonderfully crappy system.

Good find! The last time I was at a Goodwill around here, the only gaming related things they had were old computer joysticks and a NES Commando cart, which I stupidly passed up.
Was it a Goodwill "As-Is" store or a regular one? I tend to stay away from the as-is ones; the women can get pretty brutal in the clothing aisles!

nice review man, but i can't believe you wasted $6 on that crap

I got it at a Regular Goodwill. I've found many cool gaming things at the "As-Is" goodwill, Like all 5 editions of the atari 2600 (including the rare Sunnyvale edition) The one in Beaverton is just awesome.

I second that.
But on the other hand... 6$ isn't that bad. You won't even get a cocktail in a bar for that money and you hardly get half a litre of beer for 6$ on the Oktoberfest.

lol I have the exact same one except its red.