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I've always been curious about this famicom game... but I can't find any damn information about it to save my life.

That about sums up everything that I found, disregarding the "LOL how do I beat this wtf" topics on various forums. The most information that I could glean was actually referring to the Super Famicom (NES?) version.

A multi-genre action game based on the anime film, with first-person exploration sequences, shooting sequences, racing sequences, and action sequences straight out of the classic film. The game was displayed at the Consumer Electronics Show while early in production, but never made it to production.

So, I'm about burnt out on the subject. If anyone else knows anything about this game, help me out here.

Here's a Japanese site with some screenshots.

Try babelfish or google for a translation if you want tor read it.

Finally, some hard info! I was going out of my gourd... Thankee, good sir.

I want to play this game so bad. I wish there was a translated version. I've seen the import on eBay for around $20.

Being the huge fan of the anime and manga that I am, when I saw the NES ROM I downloaded it. Yeah. That got shot down real quick.

Couldn't make heads or tails of it.

I know some people make homebrew hack translations of these games, but they are rare, so basically I just sit and hope this game is released on the Wii's Virtual Console with a translation, considering we've been told we would be getting games that weren't released here in America.

There are seveal non-US releases I've been praying for. Where was it confirmed that we would see non-US games on the North American Virtual Console?

Sorry to go off-topic, but as far as the Nintendo Wii downloadable games, have they said how many are available? Will these games be free or do you have to pay? And last, will it be possible to play these downloadable games online (for instance, will you be able to play a 2 player Tecmo Bowl game against someone)?

I don't have an exact figure, but apparently there's going to be a lot of games available to download, including some Sega games.
It will cost you money to download these games, but I don't think it's going to be much.
On a side note, I hope the Wii's virtual console serVice here in the UK has an option to download some of the good SNES Games that never got released here. It would save me having to import an NTSC SNES which i'm really considering.

they did release this game, and I've seen it go up on ebay a couple times.

A horrible translation was made (you can download it on NES ROMnation) and makes the game damn near impossible. The graphix are teh sh*t though.