has anyone ever beat baby boomer?(color dreams)

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has anyone ever beat baby boomer? this was the blue cartridge made by color dreams. i can only make it to level 7 and i die. i think there is 9 levels. also does anybody know what exactly the trick is on level 6 to make the baby take the correct passage to level 7? sometimes it takes me to level 7 and sometimes it says "wrong passage" and takes me back to level 2!

I've never really sat down with this one mainly because I don't have the cart. I'll give it a go and see what I can make of it tomorrow.

Someone over at nesworld beat it. The end says something along the lines of "To be continued...." or something like that.

Was made in black as well

does anyone know how to make "boomer" take the right passage to level 7? im thinking that i shoot or dont shoot something maybe? please help if you know. i want to beat this game!!