Manuals on Vimm

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Does anybody know why the manuals at Vimm are no longer watchable with Acrobat Reader 5?

I don't know... maybe they changed they way they've archived the files.

Since they didn't change their files and since I never got an answer from them, I ask here: Does anybody know where I can find the manuals that were originally posted at Vimm which run with Acrobat Reader 5? I know that has some, but they put their label over it and so I wonder if anybody knows where to get the old Vimm manuals.

Why not install a newer version of Acrobat Reader? That would be the easier way...

Because I hate the Acrobat Reader 6. It's much too bloated. While the Acrobat Reader 5 took 20 MB, version 6 takes 60 MB. And I don't like the visual style with these big fat toolbars. So, I see absolutely no reason to install a new version just because some stupid guys decided to update manuals that don't look different than the old versions, but have an incomatibility.

I use and have never had any problems with any PDF files. Also, it's much smaller and faster than Acrobat.

Yes, I know there are alternatives for the Acrobat Reader. But since the PDF format is proprietary and undocumented, I rather stay with the official product.