Image of Link in games

In Games

Is there any NES Games that shows Link in a more detailed way than as his sprite? In "Super Mario Bros. 3" you can see a quite huge image of Mario and Toad:

And in the ending of "Metroid" you can see Samus in big. So, I look for a screenshot that shows Link. Do you know an (official, not hacked or home-made) NES game with such an image in it? (Except "Tetris" where he is shown playing a flute.)

I don't imagine the two NES Zeldas very well, but I don't think you can see such images there.
You have pics like that in the two GBC games (Oracle of Seasons and Oracle of Ages) though.

Yes, there are probably no such images in the "Zelda" games themselves. I just thought that there are any NES Games where he has a guest appearance, like you can also see Mario in a more detailed way in "Tetris" or "Punch-Out!!".
The artworks from the "Oracle" games wouldn't help me since per definition NES Link, "ALttP"/"LA" Link, "OOT"/"MM" Link and "OOA"/"OOS" Link are all different persons. (And the artworks look quite different.)