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How in the blue blazes do you beat the level where the bubbles stay near the floor?

Bubble Bobble is evil if you're playing solo....
If it's the level I'm thinking of, you probably need to have someone bubble you up, and, er, which version is it, NES, or Playstation, etc.? There's VAST differences between the real one and the NES one.

Really? What are some of the differences? Which version is better?

The arcade/PS1 version, with Rainbow Islands attached. It's also on Taito Legends. This version has the hidden diamond treasure rooms with the secret messages (each symbol represents a letter of the alphabet), and the NES version requires you to get this weird key or something around level 99, if I remember right (I haven't played the NES one in years), while the other version doesn't. Of course, graphically, it's better, and there's more items to help take out your foes and food items and such.
But it's always required to have both Bub and Bob on the screen if you want the good ending in both games. If you're playing solo, just hit start on the second controller before you pop the big boss guy in his bubble so there's a 2nd dinosaur on the screen when he dies.

I was hoping that it wasn't the "bubble you up" option... my cousin and I tried it for half an hour and couldn't even get close. And it's the NES version Ima talkinabout.

Do you know which level number you're talking about so I can take a look? I recently got through to level 100 playing solo but yeah some of the levels were a right bitch and seemed to be designed for 2 players. I'm currently at the guy you have to hit with 60 lightning beams. It that the final boss? I can only hit him about 5 times.

Yep, that's the last boss...you had to get a lightning beam potion, right?
Remember what I said about putting the 2nd player on the screen for the good ending....
For this boss, a good strategy is to send a line of those lightning bubbles up the left wall, and as the boss is flying away from you, pop them all by running into the line, and he'll get zapped like he's in an electric chair...it only takes about 4 or 5 times of my doing this and he's "bubbled."
Enough practice and you'll get it. He's one of the easier bosses in video game history.
Oh, and I almost forgot. When he's in the bubble, pop him like you would any other monster in the game. I thought, the first time I played it, that when he was in the bubble, he was going to automatically die. But no, if you don't hop on and pop him fast enough, he'll come out of the bubble, super-pissed and faster than before, and you have to do it all over again.

Damn, I can't remember which level it was... I want to say it was in the sixties? Like, 63, 64? All I remember is all the enemies are on platforms way up at the top of the screen, and if you shoot bubbles within jumping range, they hover in place.

Yeah. 62 sounds like the level with the alien-looking ones that drop the metal "ka-ching" noise things, right? Yeah. I feel your pain on that one.
The only way to get up there, is to fill the screen with bubbles and hop your way up, without getting hit. You didn't mention if you're using a turbo controller or not, but if you are, turn all turbo OFF. I've found having turbo on the jump button hinders rather than helps.

Thanks for the tips ToddVania, I'll try that out.

No problem. As you can tell, this is one of my many favorite games, for NES and that other version.
I chucked many a quarter into this when it was in the arcade.

Hm... thanks, Todd. And nope, I don't use turbo controllers. I like control, I usually do far worse when my character jumps/shoots constantly.