Making own game need support

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Hi,I am trying to remake old NES game Jackal with GameMaker,I'll try to make Level editor for that game. I also need your artwork nice sprites and etc. Post it here if you are good in level design. I'll send you the level editing program.

hi friend that s really very good competition task, me too think for making a game. now many home computers were being fed by open source code printed on paper that would compile into games and popular conversions. one such example is 'Akableth' a hugely successful role-playing PC game which was primarily distributed with floppy disks and open source code.
I want compiler for games and little need.

Yes some good ideas just came from old games and idea on paper.
Try to check this IDE:
Dev-cpp,CodeBlocks,Eclipse and MS Visual C++ 2005 Express Edition
they are all free and u can use them in comercial games.
Need open source games so search in

Sounds cool.