Game of the Week 06/2007: Mike Tyson's Punch Out!!

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I haven't played that in a while, but from what I remember it's a fun game. The opponents are designed well and you need some skill to beat them all.

Let's compare box art again.
3 versions this time:

Your fav this time?

Will you download this one on Wii's Virtual Console? Or do you prefer Wii Sports boxing?

This game is awesome.

I prefer the US box art out of all of them. Great game. One of the few games I still remember each opponent and how to beat them.

Punch-Out was great. The final fight was a challenge. Super Punch-Out is good also.

I’m a little blurry about when I got Mike Tyson’s Punchout, but I believe it was for Christmas one year. I was instantly Hooked. I believe I didn’t have too much trouble with Glass Joe and Von Kaiser, but my first roadblock was Piston Honda. I’d always get worried when he went into his pummel routine. Not sure if it was figured out by accident, or by word of mouth, that you could hit him right before he starts that punching sequence to knock him down.

In the next circuit, Don Flamenco was a cinch, but then came King Hippo. My friend and I were stuck for days on King Hippo. We figured out that you could hit him in the head when he opens his mouth, but we had no idea that you could hit him in the stomach after that. We eventually beat him in the 3rd round with using only face punches. We were so excited. A short time later, I accidentally hit the B button after hitting him in the face, and his weakness was discovered. If anyone wants a challenge, try to beat King Hippo by only using high punches. Great Tiger was challenging for a short while, and then there was Bald Bull. I think there is a bit of leeway for the timing of his bull charge, because I can nail him every time.

Skipping ahead, we come to Super Macho Man, the guy before Tyson. Now, I used to be able to beat that guy no problem. But for some reason, he has given me trouble in recent years. No trouble with anyone else but him.

Last, it’s Mike Tyson! There were rumors at school of a secret code that would let you go straight to the match with Tyson. However, the kids that I heard this from were never able to produce the correct code when asked. Finally, I came across someone that knew the correct code. Just in case someone else needs it: 007 373 5963 Along with those false code rumors I had been hearing, I also heard that 1 punch from Tyson would knock you down. I was amazed to see that it was truthful. For the first minute and a half, Tyson throws out big uppercuts that will knock you down in one punch. My battles with Tyson are kinda strange-for a while, I was having difficulty with that first 1:30, but then all of a sudden, it’s like some kind of switch inside of me got turned on, and I just had the correct timing to dodge those punches. There was no progressive learning, it was all in one leap. After that obstacle, I got better and better with the rest of the fight, and finally got him down. I have beaten him with TKO and also with decision.

Punchout was so fun, with getting to a new boxer and trying to learn his weaknesses, and I personally thought Super Punchout (SNES) captures the same level of entertainment, so I recommend that to anyone who loved the original.