Game of the Week 01/2007: Adventures of Lolo

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This week it's yet another classic to receive the honour to be the GotW.
It's the Adventures of Lolo.

Japanese boxart:

American boxart:

I actually prefer the American boxart on this one, I picked up lolo3 recently and fell back in love with this dang series.

But to a more serious topic, what is lolo?

Is it just me, or are others bothered by the fact that lolo appears 'fuzzy', or with hair, on the box art for the games. I always pictured him as a walking racquetball.

Hmm yeah I never noticed the fuzzy look on the artwork before. He doesn't seem fuzzy in game.

I like the Lolo games. Completed the first 2 but the third one beat me and I gave up about half way through.

Joey at has a shrine for Adventures of Lolo: