Game of the Week 09/2007: Kung Fu

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Simplistic, yet interesting little Kung Fu game. I didn't play it that much, but I do have some fond memories of it.

That guy on the Japanese box *somehow* resembles Jackie Chan, don't you think? That's why I prefer the Japanese one. Looks nice.

I enjoyed this game. It was brilliant in its simplicity. I just kicked all the time to keep the enemies away, and I loved how it was possible to get four in a row with just one kick.

I think the Japanese box art is good, but I prefer the American one. I think it's better when they decide to use a pixel picture from the game on the cover and cartridge.

I agree with Nes-Rule!. I prefer the NTSC box art to the Japanese. Fun game, especially if you just use punches.

This is one of the first NES Games I played. Such a simple game, yet so fun. I think a good contributor to the fun is those sound affects of punching & kicking enemies.

I remember getting to the vicinity of the first boss, and when you approach him, any enemies that were chasing you start turning tail and heading back the other way. It was as if they feared that first boss. When there weren’t any good guys to beat up, that boss probably used his stick and wailed on his minions just to remind them who their leader was.

Then, we make a big transition in level 2. Instead of fighting actual men and the knife throwers, it’s you against an army of surprise balls. Some explode, some turn into snakes, etc. I know this level took a number of lives, when I was trying to figure out what color of ball turned into what, and during this time, there would be a number of balls smashing my guy on the head.

The next level introduced the mini men. Not much to say about this level, except my strategy with the big slow black dude boss was always to get close, and kick him 12 times in the time that he kicked me once.

The moth level was absolute horror for a little while. When experimenting with the moths the first several times, it was hard to know when to punch low, kick high, duck, etc. Eventually, they were overcome, but then the boss looked to be impossible. After a swift kick to his head, it rolled away, he grew a new one, and then his magic rings took me out before I could blink.

Finally defeating the magic boss, it was time for the final level. Mr. X looked vicious and was a pretty tough fighter, but he was easier to overcome than the magician.

One other thing to point out. There is a cutscene between levels where the captured girl says “Help me Thomas” with Thomas yelling her name “Sylvia!” Early on, my friend misread it as “Saliva!” so that’s what I always have stuck in my head when I’m passing that part.

THANK YOU! Oh, I have played this so much recently. (Currently trying to make a doorbell that plays the opening theme.) I don't really care about the back story, because it gets in the way of me punching things! What more can I say than its a fun game? ...Wow. This is probably the least complicated GOTW post I've ever done.