Holy Dragons, Batman!

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For years, I've loved the game Dragonstrike. It has simple and unique free-roaming, mission-based gameplay, has decent graphics, and has enough strategy and variation to keep me playing it over and over again.

But, recently I paid attenton to the title screen, something I haven't done for years, and saw the ominous "Advanced Dungeons and Dragons" Logo. So, that means that... a game that I have known and loved for years... is actually an .

Once I got over my immediate and mind-bending horror, I got curious as to the possibility of other decent AD&D games out there that I don't know about. Do any of you know of any other titles (besides the Three Big Turkeys)?

hmmmm have you tried AD&D hillsfar? Its ALRIGHT I suppose for D&D fans but I couldnt really get into it. The gameplay was just eh and nothing really special.

Hillsfar is the more decent of the Three Big Turkeys, the biggest and worst being Dragonlance.