Battlestar Galatica?

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I told my friend I want Battlestar Galactica for PS2 because I'm a fan of both series. Yes, I know the game has been out awhile, but I haven't had a chance to purchase a copy yet. I did, however, get a chance to play it, and liked it.

Anyway, my friend insists that a NES version exists.

I even checked GameFAQs and NES World, and didn't see it listed. Perhaps there is a pirate copy? Anyone ever seen this game for the NES? I doubt it exists, or GameFAQs and NES World would have it listed.

The master game list at Nintendo doesn't have it listed. which means if it exists, it's either a pirate, or unlicenced.

...Or he's thinking of one of the NES' many, many generic space shooters, like Starship Hector.

First game that came to mind for me was Destination Earthstar.