Conquer Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Challenge

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Use whatever emulator you wish, just remember not to use save states or a Game Genie. Play as if you were playing on an NES (which, of course, is also allowed). Here's a NES ROM of it:

Pics or screenshots aren't required, but would be nice. Get to conquering

Oh Roth, you're so mean

hehe Yes, I guess it is a bit mean. I'm just wondering if this can actually be done. I've heard people say they've done it, but I really am curious on if any of us can, because at this point, I sure can't... and I've been trying very hard

Ok....You can conquer some of the HARDEST GAMES EVER such as..Bionic Commando..couple of Castlevanias and what not..if you cant conquer this..I dont know if we even stand a chance!!!!!

Well, I always thought it was infinitely scrolling crap, like the FIRST Fist of the North Star game.

I played this for about an hour earlier, and I stink at it. I hardly progressed at all, at least it fealt like it. I will, however, try to finish it.
All though it seems unlikely, what if more than one person finishes it? Will the first person to do as such win it?

I give up on it. I got to the singing lady and died...It was toooo much of a burden to walk sooo slow to get to her again. Good lucky to anyone else willing to try

i don't believe it's possible to beat. use the Game Genie code for invincibility, and you can see how hard it is not to get hit in that sorry excuse of a game.

Well, so far I can get to the sixth level with Jekyll, and at the same time Hyde gets to either the third or fourth level. Those barrels tear me up... well, when teamed up with the mad bomber... then the singing broad.... yeah. This game sucks.

Yeah. I'm attempting the emulator/ROM version; is this dude's weapon to be totally useless, or is it an emulator problem? I keep getting turned into a monster (Hyde?), a bolt of lightning hits me, and then those mean 'ol words glom onto my screen--

Sucks. Like an Electrolux. I'll keep trying, though.

Ain't no emulator problem, that thar's a game problem.

I figured as much. I made it to the graveyard, and that's where I'll probably stay. When he turns into Mr. Hyde, he gets even more useless...I thought Mr. Hyde was supposed to be a rampaging monster?!

that's how the game is. and that thar's why i refuse to compete in this round

Yeah, that's the sketchy part. Since there's no manual online anywhere, here's how it goes:

You start off as Jekyll, and you have to get to the church at the end of the game to marry your chick. I guess all these people have it in for you, so you have to avoid them.

As Dr. Jekyll, you have a cane that hurts... well, nothing except bees

Now, you have a Life meter and a Hyde meter. If the Hyde meter gets down to nothing, then you turn into Mr. Hyde. I'm not quite sure how the game determines whether you take bodily harm or Hyde meter damage yet. Anywho, while in Hyde form, it's kind of a backwards reality of where Jekyll is, if you will. So if Mr. Hyde gets further than what Dr. Jekyll is, you get struck by lightning and die. Thus it behooves you to take as little damage as possible to try and not turn into Mr. Hyde.

While you are Mr. Hyde, you can press Up+B to fire a fireball. You'll want to use those more than a punch (button B, which I rarely EVER use). Be aware that you can only fire one fireball at a time though, but it is unlimited in the amount you can use. As you destroy enemies, your Hyde meter replenishes. The little hopping brains give you lots of Hyde meter back, so try not to miss any of those. Once it's full, you turn back into Jekyll and get lots of Life meter back... sometimes all.

That's the sum of it. It's pretty damn tough, and yes, I believe it's the worst NES game I've ever played. Let's try not to get into that on this thread though heh.

I played this for 15 minutes last night while waiting for a TV show to come on. That's probably 14 minutes longer than I ever played it before. I was left wondering if that cane is the worst weapon in the history of video games?

I didn't know that. That could be very helpful. I wasn't having much luck with punching.

Anyone figure out what the coins are for yet? I managed to get one from something I defeated.

Once you collect around 9 or 10 of them, you use it to pay off the fat lady so she'll stop singing... getting close to her to pay her is another story


Believe it or not, I'm still trying this game. What's the time limit on this? I used a save state last night, and know it's not allowed; I'm just getting used to emulator stuff in the first place, and controlling characters with the keyboard is much more difficult that the good 'ol NES controller..
Anyway, back to NOT using save states...I'm just wondering when the challenge expires...I figure if I put enough time and effort into it, maybe I can do it..I finished Deadly Towers and the even-more-lame Jaws, after all.
Anyone notice the beginning music of this game is the same as the music in NES Rygar, when you visit the Gods in the green rooms?

thems fightin' words 'round here. Jaws owns your face, and don't you dare deny it!

Heh. It was kind of a unique game, I just don't remember that great an ending for all the work, but then again, the first Tomb Raider ending was pretty boring, as well. Or did Jaws ever end, or did it keep on repeating? Eh, I'll try the NES ROM.

it ended, and the ending was great. i don't know what game you think you were playing

Anyone notice the beginning music of this game is the same as the music in NES Rygar, when you visit the Gods in the green rooms?

Yup, I noticed that as well. I thought I was the only one who caught that music. I was like hey its that music from the rooms where you visit the wise bald guy haha.

It's been a looooong time. All I remember exactly is ramming the shark with the boat, and something to do with letters being the energy bar for the shark?!
And yeah, NG 4005-I recognized it immediately, because Rygar is one of my top NES favorites. I've been doing some thinking about it and I reject my earlier decision that the arcade one was better--that version just gets impossible after awhile!

i'm just messing with you Todd. but Jaws really is a good game, you should pop it in sometime and replay it.

Yes, Jaws is awesome

There's also a point in the music (in Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde) during the Hyde stages that sounds like when you are in the mazes in Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode.

Yeah, I'm going to get the NES ROM(s).
Golgo 13: Top Secret Episode is another one that I always was kind of wanting to get when it was new, and just passed over. I always seemed to have a limited budget back then. I was that way with Bayou Billy, also, I was just a little nervous because of (dare I suffer more wrath here) *AHEM* mistake purchases like Super Pitfall and Ikari Warriors.

Ikari Warriors 1, 2 just SUCKED. You are not alone.

So I assume the translation of "Victory Road" to NES sucked? I remember the arcade game being pretty badass.

I'm not sure which one Victory Road was. Nevertheless, IW 3 was decent, the first was just a bad game, and the second was an ugly, uncontrollable, glitchy Parent Over Shoulder*

I just tried to play it. STUPID. GOSH.

Ok, If I had purchased this game I would want my money back.

Who leaves bombs in the middle of the road and runs off? You know what we call those people? TERRORISTS! This game is impossible to play. You're already almost dead when you turn in to Hyde, then death is certain.

I think everyone's agreed it's difficult & stupid, but as to the difficulty, I think that's why Roth chose it as the challenge.

The arcade version of Ikari Warriors 2? 3? was called Victory Road.
Oh, and Commander Campkill-Jaws is awesome. Got the NES ROM and was playing it yesterday. I forgot LJN made that one, they made another one of my faves--"Who Framed Roger Rabbit."

Say, doesn't this game have two endings?

That's what I was wondering...

It's supposed to from what I understand. I think I mentioned it briefly in the post in the Challenge Thread. I haven't gotten either of them heh. Damn game.

I got to the forth level (I think) last night. The Hyde sections are a lot easier using the fireballs rather than just punching! The Hyde parts are actually almost enjoyable as you can do something other than just jump over everything.

Just so you all know, I'm pretty sure that I've given up, seeing as how I still haven't beat the first level... Hell, I was shocked when I discovered it even more levels.

Oooo...just like all that "hidden meaning" crap there was in Led Zeppelin and KISS songs, there's a hidden mind-control aspect in this game.
Dr. Jekyll=you sit down at the computer as a happy, well-adjusted person and start playing this game.
Mr. Hyde=you play it for an hour and a half like I just got through doing, and you turn into a wild-eyed, keyboard-pounding, screaming monster.
I got two screens past the graveyard, I don't know if those are the "levels" or not. I've gotten to where I can walk through the 1st area with ease, but this latest one, with the good citizens knocking you into the bombs, is going to take some incredible patience/masochism on my part.

how the motha!?!???!?!

Magic + Ninja = Champion of all.

Potato just means he makes good french fries.

Wow, reaching the end of such a crappy... I mean hard game.
That's endurance only a true ninja can show.
Well done, ninja.

Very good job. Crap, I haven't even been trying that one lately...

Magic + Ninja = Champion of all.

Potato just means he makes good french fries.

i see what you mean, Luke.

i'm sorry for ever doubting you Mr. Ninja, sir!


I got the Mr. Hyde ending baby! Yeah!!!! Sadly, I won't be satisfied until I have a pic and movie of each ending, so I have to put myself through more torture soon :/ But...

I got the Mr. Hyde ending baby! Yeah!!!!

Ha-ha! I briefly thought of this one to use for one of your NES Tip Videos, but I didn't want to bring back any bad memories for anyone .
Every great once and awhile I'll try it; it's easier now that I've gotten my USB controller, but I still can't make it very far.