Game of the Week 16/2007: Bubble Bobble

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Another classic game everybody considering him/herself a gamer has to at least have tried once.

Up is Japanese, below European/North American boxart.

I've played it once or twise. I think it's an entertaining game, and it somehow reminds me of a game called "Milk and Nuts", has anyone played that here? Anyway, this is almost like PacMan, it's like it goes on forever, but I haven't played it through, so don't take my word for it.

Ah, the memories this one brings back. I sank quarter after quarter into the arcade game hoping that the NES would get it eventually. I believe I bought this one on its release day.
I liked it well enough, but was a bit disappointed in the lack of the hidden treasure rooms, and a lot of the levels were different, but it didn't detract from the overall gameplay experience. Even though I've got the arcade version now, I still play the NES one every once and awhile, just because of the fact it's different (and actually a little harder toward the end than the arcade game).
The American box art wins this time!
Oh, and both are much better than the game that started the Bubble Bobble series, "Chack 'N' Pop!"
Oh, I just noticed on the box--"This game pak may not be used with the Mattel or NES versions of the Nintendo Entertainment System," Mattel I understand, but "NES?" WTF??

Maybe that one refers to the North American version. I'm not sure though.
The box is from the PAL version as you will have noticed.

I really like Bubble Bobble. It can get a bit repetitive but passwords for every level mean you can come back to it later. I did beat it once, but only got the "bad" ending.

How do you get the good ending?

Heh. Bubble Bobble, both the arcade version and the Nintendo versions, have always been about partnership. If you try to get the good ending by yourself, you can't. Unless....
You plug in a 2nd controller, and right before the big boss is about to bite the dust (a good time is when he's in the bubble before you pop him), hit that start button on the 2 player controller. It's the only way to get the good ending solo.
A Fourscore is really handy for the lazy, like me!