Mike Tysons Punch Out

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Ok i got through the first for guys with a breeze, 4 KOs but this big lardo hippo guy seems unstoppable. Any suggestions?

wow found his weakness, that was ez but this next great tiger guy is tough.

When Great Tiger goes for his uppercuts, hit him with repeated body blows. This should get you your maximum 3 stars pretty quickly. When he goes for the Tiger Magic punch, block all of them (about 5 punches he'll throw), and he'll be stunned, & hit him with a high punch.
Usually, by getting those stars with the body blows, I have him kissing the canvas in the 1st round. Hope this helps.

To add to that, you can really put the whoopin' on the Great Tiger... in the beginning of the fight you can hit him in the face when the jewel glows. Get one of these hits each time and he'll go down pretty quick (just work on the timing).

I dont think i've ever managed to beat mike tyson... he was really tough.

Yes, yes, he is. The big strategy that worked for me is just to get ice-cold calm. He tries to fake you out by just standing there (that was the worst part for me when I was playing this game a lot, I'd think he was going to throw a punch, I'd dodge, he wouldn't, and I'd be hit by an oncoming blow as I came back from the dodge). If you can avoid those killer punches in the beginning and not get faked out, his ass can be handed to him on a plate.

Ice-cold calm pretty much describes what I had to do as well. What I did was relax so much that my focus was even slightly out, and not looking directly at Tyson... kind of like that look on people's faces when they're day dreaming. I would do that for the first thirty seconds of hell in that fight. That's the ONLY game I've ever played where I had to do something like that.

I do believe this one has to rank as one of Nintendo's hardest. Well, Nintendo. If we get into other companies that made games for the NES (Broderbund, Tecmo, etc.), than that list would be way too long.

I disagree on that... You had to memorize tricks in order to beat opponents... once you had it down, you could beat them swiftly... whereas, with games like Ghosts 'n Goblins, the game will kick your ass to no end.

I love Mike Tyson's Punchout!

One of the best NES Games out there

For Great Tiger, don't be suprised if it takes you all 3 rounds. He's just long to beat.

Bald Bull should be easy enough afterwards. You just have to master your timing to counter attack him (is it Bald Bull after that?...it's been a while )

Yep, Bald Bull should be punched in the gut on his third bounce during his bull charge. As for Great Tiger, he isn't that long, if you hit his face when his jewel flashes, you can get stars to knock him out, then when he goes for his uppercuts you can just dodge and wail on him for 3-4 hits each before he unleashes another uppercut, so you'll knock him out a second time during this stage of the fight, which is right before his end-of-the first-round goofy hindu magic attack, which you just have to block 5 times and knock him out, thus ending him in the first round.

Agreed. But, I said out of all product.
It very nasty having to go through the Ghosts 'N' Goblins series twice. I broke several blood vessels the first time I thought I had that one finished.

There is much strat. involved when fighting Tyson.

Could be wrong, but if I remember correctly, you have to hit him when his mouth is open?

That's King Hippo. You hit Tyson whenever you can. Tyson flashes/blinks.

I had the MR. Dream Punchout!!! and it was my favorite game. Oddly, it was one of the few games that I could get anywhere on, I used to get stopped at Soda Popinski. Nowadays I've beaten the Mr. Dream edition twice, but have yet to beat Mike Tyson in his version. I'm amazed to hear how many people consider this such a difficult game, but then very few of Nintendo's own games really are.

Yeah, when I first started playing the game (back in the 80's), Soda Popinski was the first opponent that gave me trouble, too! Nowadays, I wonder why. With me and the end guy, it's just the opposite. For some reason, I can take down Tyson pretty well, but Mr. Dream gives me problems. And for some odd reason, Bald Bull will be an asselope sometimes. Sometimes the "bull charge" will take me out, sometimes not. The rest of the guys, unless I'm distracted by something and Mr. Sandman clouts the hell out of me, are pretty easy now.
Trivia I read on another website: originally Soda Popinski was to be named Vodka Drunkenski, but Nintendo felt ultimately that this would insult Russians, and didn't want an alcohol reference in the game for children. But they didn't bother to give him new phrases to say, that's why some of them don't make sense when you're thinking about pop, i.e. "I can't drive, so I'm going to walk all over you," etc.