Metal Storm

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Well, I just picked this up again. and **** swabbing sonufa****, is it hard. I mean tell me I'm not alone.

I like Metal Storm but didn't get too far. 3rd level boss to be exact. I need to play it some more though, I'm sure I can get further...

It's a good game. I like the extensive use of switching between ground and ceiling. That takes some getting used to but that's part of the challenge.

The farthest I ever got was to the platform boss, and only after two allnight sessions... The entire boss consists of platforms circling around the room. The walls, ceiling, and floor are instant death, so you have to shoot the platforms while jumping/gravity jumping on top of them. It's absolutely .

I love the game. The gravity switching and frantic dodging give it a nonstop, edge of your seat gameplay that barely any other game has ever come close to.

Beyond that, it gets to nonstop, frenetic action without has used that... the action is always switching up, you're always faced by something different, it is one of the shining gems of NES shooters.

if NES Alt was still up i'd link you to the Metal Storm Shrine

'Metal Storm' is a fairly solid action game. I've never beaten it, so that shows you just how hard it is (amirite! amirite!?) maybe.

In addition to the whole up-side-down game play, the parallax scrolling also makes the game stand out more than the average side-scroller.

I should play further so I can share Uber's "pain". Hopefully it won't be as painful as the pain I got from trying to beat 'Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde' (which was very painful).

I don't think you'll be disappointed. The only gaming cliche it uses is .

Of course, it won't be nearly as torturous as Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde. The gameplay still remains within the realm of 'fun', at its hardest.

oh jeez! (*!!!SPOILER ALERT AGAIN!!!1!*) Shatterhand does the samething. i hate that, it's TOO hard for my weak feeble video game skillz!

This was GotW at another forum a few weeks back, so I went ahead and played through it. It's definitely a challenging game, and I don't dare attempt expert mode after beating it... there's just so much going on.

Anyway, I took my . I do pretty good on it all the way until the 6th stage, but manage to finish it. Check it out for a good method of fighting that "box" boss where you can't touch the floor or ceiling. When I fight him at the end I kind of screw it up, but the first time facing him is pretty much flawless.

This is one of those games that didn't really get alot of praise, but I hear people talking about it alot now. Maybe it's finally coming out of the shadows in gamers' eyes.

I've been wanting to pick this game up for awhile. I remember when it first came out. I had the Nintendo POWer that had it on the cover. Looked pretty cool.

Roth, you're my hero. And since OSG's hero, that means he's like, Hercules, or something.