Game of the Week 52/06: Solomon's Key

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Solomons Key (ソロモンの鍵, Solomon no Kagi) is a puzzle game developed by Tecmo in 1986 for arcade release on custom hardware based on the Z80 chipset. It is better known as a 1987 port to the Nintendo Entertainment System, although it also appeared on many other game systems of the time; for example, a Famicom Disk System port was released in Japan on January 25, 1991.
Solomons Key is generally recognized as one of the most difficult games to appear on the NES or any other platform for that matter. The player must overcome unlimited enemy spawning, challenging level designs, a countdown timer, Dana's fragility, and limited ways to dispatch enemies. In addition, it's easy for players to unintentionally make levels impossible to clear while playing them.
Solomons Key also has many hidden items and secret levels that are hard to find which enhances the reward for playing. The ending also slightly changes depending on which secret levels the player finds and completes, if any.

This article nails it. Solomons Key is a very hard game. So hard, I didn't even get very far in that game. Still it's a good game. I try it on an emulator from time to time, but I think I can't beat it in a lifetime.
It's fun though, so pop it in and give it a shot.
It's the last GotW for this year, so train your brain and get that damn key. Do it for me, will ya?

Boxart comparison!
Japan and america as usual:

New art, old question: Which one do you like better?
The Japanese one hints at a kid's game. Well, show me that kid who can beat this game...

This is a great game, though much bettered by it's brother Fire n Ice. Music is awesome too.

Japanese boxart wins this round, NA art looks a little too peter pan=ish.