Game of the Week 08/2007: Donkey Kong

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I only played Donkey Kong a few times (e.g. inside DK64 on the arcade machine), and it's surely not one of my favourites, but back then it must have been a hell of a game.

Boxart comparison as usual:

What NES fan has never played this game?! This is a classic, pure, simple piece of work, and the first game featuring Mario. A little too short (with only three levels worth) maybe, but still highly entertaining. This is the kind of game you play to get the highest score, instead of beating.

I find it interesting that in this game, Mario is supposed to be a carpenter, instead of a plummer.


And he wasn't called Mario, but Jumpman.

Yeah, beating the game isn't the problem, because it's so short. Getting a really high score is the real challenge.

I really never played this game too much. Guess I never owned it until recently. Fun game though, never beat it

This game, I actually prefer the japan art.

I liked Donkey Kong, it was alot of fun. But the Arcade version is better. There is level's missing from the Nes/Famicom version. They should have kept Mario's name as Jumpman has a nice ring to it.
Out of all the 1980's Donkey Kong games my favorite would have to be Donkey Kong 3.

Sorry about that, I was in a rush...

My Donkey Kong experience/background is probably 90% arcade, 6% NES, and 4% Atari.

I have the NES Donkey Kong Classics game. It rarely gets played, but it’s fun to go back to it every once in a while. I usually see how many levels I can make it through, rather than go for high scores.

My first DK encounter was at our local bowling alley (small place-only 4 lanes). My dad had bowling league and would take me with him. I didn’t want to watch the bowlers, so instead, I tried out some DK and found myself very Hooked. I know I died quickly, since it was a brand new game, so I was probably going to my dad every 15 minutes for dollar after dollar to get quarters. On the level with elevators, those bouncy things freaked me out a bit. At the time, while I was playing, I was getting tips from the bowling alley owner’s son, who was several years older than me. Eventually, I was able to make it to the cement factory level (surely, not on that first night)

Cement Factory:

You have to make it through 8 levels to get to the cement factory, and I was so excited when I got to this place of legend that I had heard about.

Classic game. Never played the Arcade version. I wonder why that 4th level was left out? I shall have to give it a go on MAME.

Awesome game indeed :) I throw this in every once-in-a-while just to see how far I can get. If I have enough time before my gig this evening, I'll definitely play some... who doesn't have time for some Donkey Kong?

One item of interest: He actually was called Mario in the NES port. His name was Jumpman in the arcade. I'm not sure if he was Jumpman in any other ports, but I'm sure AtariAge has some manuals for reference.

Donkey Kong looks too happy on the Japanese box art and cartridge.