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I've got a question: Does anybody know a good shootig game like "Gradius" except that the game shall not have that futuristic science fiction atmosphere, so nothing with spaceships. Just a game where you fly some vehicle and have to shoot opponents etc.
By the way, I already know "1942", so you don't need to name that. (And please don't name "1943" either. )

Well, there are some games that are kind of like shooters like The Adventures of Dino Riki, Bee 52, or King's Knight. There's also the third person style like After Burner II and Mig 29. It sounds to me though, that you're looking for more games like maybe Sky Shark or Raid on Bungeling Bay. Even though it's a futuristic setting, I also highly recommend S.C.A.T. Hope this helps.

If you're looking for a different atmosphere, I recommend Steel Empire for the Genesis. It's a fairly decent shooter, but what sets it apart from other shooters is its Post-WWI Retrofuture theme. If you're looking for a simple schmup with a different look, then it's for you.

SkyKid. Tiger-Heli. Abadox. Legendary Wings.


Abadox rules!

Adding to what's already been suggested...

with lots of "spirit").
- Overhead, on a motorcycle. Doesn't really look or feel futuristic.
- Side view. Control a both a helicopter and/or a jeep.
- Disney themed side-view shooter that scrolls in lots of directions.
- Overhead driving shooting.
- Like 'Spy Hunter' but "super".
- Western themed overhead "walking" shooter.
- Overhead and side-view shooting with a guy on a surfboard who just happens to be "silver".
- 8-way directional overhead dragon shooter set in Dungeons & Dragons world.
- Side-view helicopter shooter with a rescue hostage theme.
- Side scrolling airplane shooter.
- Underwater side-view submarine action.
- Like 'Rad Racer' but with blaster-ing.
- Flying side scroller.
- Overhead, '1942' style. Futuristic maybe, but not "outer spacey".
- Overhead, '1942' style. Helicopter.
- See above.
- Ditto.

NOTE: None of those games are exactly like 'Gradius' (and not all are especially great), but definitely fit the "non-futuristic shooter" genre well.

O.k., thanks so far.
Oh, I just found out that nobody mentioned "Xevious".

O.k., I haven't read the background story of "Xevious" yet, but judging from the game itself, is is not futuristic:

This could be a normal today's setting. And since the player doesn't fly in space, it's technically not a ship. It could also be a modern army jet or something like that. So, the game itself doesn't give any hint that it plays in the future.

I'v played the arcade version. It's futuristic.

why does it matter if it's futuristic anyways? they're all basically the same game, with a few that are good and the rest are crap.

This... be a.....


He asked for games that weren't futuristic. I assumed he wanted a change of scenery.

How about Commando. Its a complete shooter... it came before Bionic Commando.

As mentioned before i think GunSmoke might me your best bet.