Castlevania III: Draculas curse (PAL Version)

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can somebody tell me why this game is going for so much? It's a good game, but I never thought it was rare or that hard to find.

is the Pal version special or something and worth more maybe?

just wondering what's up with this

Dude, you can't find any NES products these days without the word "rare" in the headline. You can see games like SMB/DH being layed out on eBay as "rare", and that pretty much says it all.

The price was only high because it was 30 people who bid on it, if you check it out you can see it only started out with 5 bucks.

Heh. I wonder if eBayers are sucker enough to buy the NTSC version for that much

Personally, I would never buy that game in NTSC or PAL version for that much money.

PAL versions of NES Games shouldn't be worth more than NTSC versions, you buy a version depending on what your system works with, which again depends on where you live, most of the time. That's all...

I'd never, ever pay that much either, I was just wondering if I could Hook an eBayer that would. I need some money for Christmas...

so there's absolutely no difference between the Pal version and th NTSC version? that's retarded. the auction ended at $110 (canadian)

the only Pal game I have bought is New GhostBusters II. but that is a totaly different game than what was released in the US. and the New GhostBusters II is a pal exclusive and maybe one of the best NES Games. I thought maybe the Pal version of Dracula's curse was a different game than the US version.

guess not, that's crazy.

Nope, it's exactly the same, except they don't go with the same system. The game itself, the story, controls etc. is exactly the same.

I agree with you that New GhostBusters II is a great game.

I guess the auction ended with such a high price, simply because it is very difficult to get the game you want in PAL version on eBay, belive me, I know!

Wow, $110?!?!?! What a lucky seller.

Castlevania III is one of the harder to find games here but it doesn't go for that much. It must be really rare/popular in Oz.