Game of the Week 10/2007: Nintendo World Cup

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This week I'll post one of my favourite sports games of all time.
... Seriously!
"Nintendo World Cup"

Nintendo World Cup is a football (soccer) video game for the Nintendo Entertainment System and Game Boy, developed by Technos and released in 1990. It is a localization of Nekketsu KÃ…

When a friend of mine asked me if we ought to have a "NES Night", and I was totally in for it. He brought all the things he could possibly find and we started gaming. He brought the "Nintendo World Cup" with him, and I wasn't that excited, because I usually don't like sport games. He told me to trust him on this one. We started playing in multiplayer mode, and boy was it fun! It kicked ass! The gameplay was awesome and the characters had a resemblace to the RCR characters, which was cool. He showed me a lot of tricks at this game. For example to do a backflip and kick the ball. Overall, a great game.

Good pick, manuel.

ahhh... the JPN-USA box/cart art change always amuses me. The famicom version of a game (just about any FC game) could have a cute little SD dude doing crazy stuff, but the art depatment of NoA would create the most painstaking paintings of the same character, looking more realistic doing something "Epic". Wouldnt it be easier, not to mention cheaper just to import the cute little guy artwork?

ahhh... 1980s america.

nonetheless, this is still one of my favorite Nekketsu games (My number 1 fave being Super Dodgeball)

and remember...


Realistic Soccer with an International Flavor it says...

Haha, that's brilliant. NWC is a funny game, good for a laugh. The thought of it being realistic though... hahaha.