Which game do you consider harder? Contra, or Super C

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I think Super C is more difficult, but that also might be because I haven't played it nearly as much as Contra.
Level 8, Alien's Lair, in Contra is one of the easiest levels, whereas the top-down alien level in Super C is more difficult.
I think the hangar or energy zone levels are the most difficult levels in Contra.

I would also say Super C but like you I haven't played it as much as Contra so that could be why.

Same here, and I assume you're talking about the NES version? Yeah, I can almost play NES Contra blindfolded, and I haven't played Super C in years. Hmm, it seems like it's NES download time, once again.
Arcade-wise, for sure Super C is harder, just for the stupid lack of continues.

Super C is harder for sure.

in Contra, you can get 30 lives with the code, in Super C you only get 10

the 'bubble level' alone makes Super C harder

in Contra i can get to level 3 or 4, sometimes 5 without dying. in Super C i can barely get through level 1 without dying.

i've beaten Contra many times, i've never beaten Super C (except that one time with Game Genie, but i don't count that)

it seems Super C has more and faster enemies early on in the game.

Well, I just d/l Super C, and thanks for the info--I didn't even think to try the "Konami Code" in it; at least 10 lives should help. A little bit.

the code is a little different for Super C

it's: Right, Left, Down, Up, A, B, Start

Super C for sure. I've beaten Contra a few times during all-night sessions, but I have never, beaten Super C.

Once, I got so fed up with dying that I decided to use save states shamelessly, just so I could see the ending. It was still a pain in the ass, and I was completely unable to beat the very last boss.

Of course, I didn't use the Konami code, but .

the code is a little different for Super C
it's: Right, Left, Down, Up, A, B, Start
Thanks, I just got done with work and I'm going to attempt this one, I was trying it briefly this morning, and, agreeing with Uber Newb, this game is a complete and utter pain in the gluteus.

I'd say hands down, no question Super C. Even without 30 lives cheat. I remember there being a video of a guy going through Contra without dying.

Yeah, I'd say Super C is the more difficult of the two as well. I do like the second one better though. The graphics and music rock hard on Super C. Not to take anything away from the first one, being a classic and all, but I've just grown to like the sequel more now. I can't remember which one I'm better at. I made movies of both if anyone would like to see them:

Man, that level does nothing but piss me off! I usually do decent for awhile, then lose it for no reason. Sometimes I even lose a man against that lame, easy boss. Nothing makes me more mad on that game than dying there.