Good find? Sounds fishy to me

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I bumped into a guy online who is really in Atari games. Anyways he's also selling a boxed NES game; Bignose Freaks Out (Aladdin Cartridge). He's asking $5 so I jumped on it and hopefully I can at least get a picture of the game to see if he's telling the truth. I've been looking for this game for awhile. But only $5? This just doesn't sound right....

Well, research the guy.

Was that in online auctions or off the guy's homepage?

As already said, try to research the guy as well as possible.

Then you should probably take the risk. If he cheats you, it's only 5$ plus shipping (?).

Good luck with this.

It was off an Atari forum that I go to. I looked in the "Clean Traders" section for his user name and his name was in the list. Ah well, like Manuel said, it's only $10 total shipped!

I would give it a shot.......Even if he is dishonest andrip's you off, your only out $5.00 so no biggie