Game of the Week 17/2007: Duck Tales

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DuckTales is a video game based on the Disney animated TV series of the same name. It was first released in the United States for the Nintendo Entertainment System by Capcom in 1989. In this game, Scrooge McDuck has to travel around the world and collect treasures in order to become the world's richest duck. The game was later ported to Game Boy. A completely different game was also released as DuckTales for a variety of personal computers in the early 1990s; that game is properly known as DuckTales: The Quest for Gold.
DuckTales is often a subject of NES-related nostalgia, and was generally popular. The game provides a good example of the work produced by Capcom in the late 1980s and early 1990s, along with such titles as those in the Megaman franchise. Duck Tales has much in common with the Megaman games:, bright and colorful graphics, tight play control with unique gameplay dynamics (such as using Scrooge's cane as a weapon, tool, and pogo stick), and non-linear gameplay.

This was one of my first games for the NES and I loved it. I still do.
It's very well playable and even has nice graphics.

Japanese and Western boxart:

I remember that I borrowed this game from a friend once. I didn't quite get the hang of it at first, but I started to like it eventually.

It's a typical Disney game, like Darkiwing Duck, very predictable. Since you've read the comics or seen the shows, so basicly you know what you're in for.

Nevertheless, entertaining game, always gives you a nice feeling inside when you start playing it, especially when you're alone in the evening.

Oh, yeah, the Western box art gets the credit once again from me.

Ages ago, when I was about 7, I bought some Nintendo magazine which had a review of Ducktales 2. I remember really wanting it, but not owning a NES at that point meant otherwise.
Anyway, years later when I began to collect NES, I dediced to track down DT2. however, whilst doing this I heard the original was better and when I found it in a shop for £1 (!!!!) I decided to get it. Needless to say I wan't disappointed. The graphics are good and colourful, an it's a game I stuck with despite being rubbish at it which must mean I like it. I would recommend this game for sure.
And it's good to play as Scrooge McDuck

Well, I don't have the game pak, but got the NES ROM and played it for awhile and I'm not having much luck. It's a good game, though (will be better once I figure it out), and I like the music. Capcom's NES music is always familiar!
US box art wins, not that there's much difference between the two, but Capcom's blue box always brings back fond memories.

This is a great game. Bouncing around everywhere on the cane is loads of fun. I've beaten both Duck Tales 1 and 2, neither are very hard once you get used to controlling Scrooge but they both have loads of secrets to go back and find. Roth did a tips video for this if anyone needs any help.

Looks like Roth's video came quite in handy there.