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I've always loved The Immortal, particularly for the NES and Amiga, and I noticed that it's Wikipedia entry was pretty empty.

I added the sections on Levels, Weapons and Magic spells and I'm wondering what else I should add. I mean, it's a great game and there's so much to it... I just can't think of what to add.

I always liked The Immortal even though it was pretty tough. I think I'm going to pick it up soon. Nice info added by the way.


I've been playing that game for over ten years. I was considering speedrunning it because I know it so well.... I just beat it in one sitting right now, lol.

I really liked this game back in the day. I rented it twice in a row because I liked playing it so much. Now I suck at the game... badly. I still like it though. The character had neat animations. Very cool game. Good write-up too.

Thanks. I've been adding more and more info on a somewhat daily basis. I doubt you suck at the game... I think everyone does seeing as it's just so difficult.

I have to verify some of the item names as they're still a bit sloppy but all the info's pretty much there. I'm wondering how to get it promoted from a stub.

After this thread I decided to check the game out.

It seems pretty good, and yes, hard. I'm going to have to play some more of it for sure. I need to get the hang of the combat though...

Yeah, I never could really get the hang of the combat. However, I love every minute of said combat, and that's what counts.

I never seen the cart for The Immortal and never played it sadly.