Game of the Week 41/2006: Kirby's Adventure

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It's maybe the cutest game on the NES, Kirby's Adventure.

I like this game, because of it's graphics. They're nice and cute and just good. Also the ability of inhaling your enemies and spitting them out again was cool and added a lot of depth in gameplay.

Give it a try and play it (again).

Western boxart and cartridge:

Japanese boxart, manual and cartridge:

Oh, yeah. Kirby's Adventure. One of the most entertaining games ever. I think I played it at GBP the first time, if I remember correctly. The explanation of what buttons you have to push before you play the game is awesome. The sound and music brings back the good old NES feeling. The story is good and you know what you're supposed to do. I love all of the advanced functions of the game. I mean everything you can do if you swallow certain enemies. The way you can fly if you take a deep breath is one of the best things ever.

Great game!

I haven't played this one much, and only have the NES ROM of it, but from what I have played, it's a good game; I'll have to break out the 'ol VirtualNES and try it out again!
I'd never seen the cart art before, either; the way he's inhaling the label is a good effect.

What I loved about the game was how deceptively easy it was. You do so great at first, but it gets harder so gradually that you don't notice it. I believe I first started having touble in a cloud level... some sort of eyeball boss? I can't remember anymore, I need to play this again.

Yeah, everybody play it again. Great game just waiting for you.

Like Todd said, I also think it's a cool effect on the label that Kirby tries to inhale it.

this is a great game on the NES, but an even greater game on the GBA. i've played and conquered both. i had alot more fun with the GBA remake. the graphics are updated and look great.

nice choice Manuel.

This game is definitely one of my top 5 favorite games on the NES. It had a great storyline, awesome graphics (for the NES), the ability to play the minigames (which themselves were tons of fun), and of course the POWer to copy the enemies POWers. I remember my favorite part of the game would be inhaling 2 enemies at once and being able to "mix" them and get a random POWer. We all know the 2 best enemy POWers were that of the bombs, and the alien UFO.

The N64 sequel was loads of fun as well.

No one doesn't not dislike Kirby a little. He addmittedly reminds me of my squishy friend Zack. Partly for obvious reasons, and partly for his facial expressions. Kirby's Adventure was the first game I ever beat on my own on the NES, believe it or not. I was a bit annoyed by the three different bosses, but I pulled through. Now, I never quite understood the storyline, so I just inferred it went something like,

"Oh noes! Some guy who's fatter than you (Dee Dee Dee) has unleashed an army of annoying edible people! But you gots to kill stuff and run around through pun-named worlds to get the Star Rod and replace it in the Pedistal of Time to go back seven years and stop it all from happening!!!!!1"

Of course, I have gotten some of the things straight by now, and I play it whenever I feel like I need an easy game for a little kick. But there is something I would like to say on Kirby's Copy abillity. If we could harness the POWer to convert anything into pure energy instantly with elemental bi-products, the world would have no need of any geo-stigma inducing industries. I'm looking at you corporate America... launch Project Kirby this instant!

Just had to post that to show how much I love this game. I've beaten it a few more times than that too. Sure Kirby is an easy game, but it's a lot of fun to play so it doesn't matter. Loads of different weapons and bad guys to keep you entertained. Also lots of humour in there. And I love those mini-games. Oh and the music is great. And it looks fantastic. Yeah I think this is my favourite NES game.

I remember you posting that before Daynum (or you talking about it, one or the other). When I saw this game pop up I figured you would post that haha. I wondered if you just didn't feel like it or something. Been busy lately dude?

Crap, just realized I hadn't posted on this GotW :/

Yeah, this was a cool game for sure. I like how there are a ton of different weapons you can get, and that you can fly as well. The game was a bit on the easy side, but surely a great time going through it.