Game of the Week 14/2007: Kid Icarus

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Kid Icarus (光神話 パルテナã

Boy, do I have some good memories that conserns this game. I never actually played it for the NES, but this was the very first game I got for my very first Game Boy, which was a GBP by the way. I thought this was hard as hell, and I never made it past the third level when I was a mere kid. It took me years of sweat and tears before I beated it. It was much like Zelda to me, except it was a side scroller. You know, go into shops and buy useful things. It was like Simon's Quest when you think about that you had to collect the hearts you got for killing stuff to buy things.

I loved the music, I've got to tell you, whenever I hear that music, it reminds me of Denmark. Since that's where I got it one summer. I would get so angry whenever I lost, and half the stock of hearts that I had collected was gone.

My sister was also very into this game, we used to play it alot together, and would give each other tips on how to get through certain things. So I guess you can say that we beated the game together by teamwork.

As for the box arts you displayed, I've got to say that none of those are my favourite. My favourite is the Game Boy version:

The Kid Icarus series of games are very fun. I remember back in Grade 1 I would spend most of my time trying to beat the Nes version, And I did.
I wish Nintendo would revive this series, having Kid Icarus in Brawl is a nice start.

I couple of years ago, I bought the Official Nintendo Magazine (I remeber, as I only wanted the free poster and it was the last time I actually bought a gaming magazine as opposed to reading it in the shop )
Anyway, they were running a bit about retro games and this was the featured game. From the screenshots it looked really interesting. I had only just started collecting NES at this point and needed games so I thought i'd get it. The next day I saw it cheap in a shop or on ebay and picked it up. I wasn't disappointed. I spent ages playing it even though I stank at it. I liked the kind of Greek Mythology theme in it and the music is good. It's certainly one of my favourites.
I would like to see the series make a return although i'm not too sure how well it would work if it were in 3d.
I like the second box art, but his smile looks a bit stupid.

Kid Icarus is a game I received back around 1986. Kind of odd. My first impression was pretty bad, but I really got into it a little later. I think one turn-off to the game was when I came across my first Medusa. She saw me, and called for the little Medusa’s. If you get hit by those, you lose a lot of energy. Anyway, I believe my turning point when I started loving the game was when I got to the first boss level (what were those called… temples? fortresses?). I got to the tiger boss, and along the way, I had released some of the centurions to help me with the battle. It is such a cool concept, when you have those extra guys helping you attack the boss. Anyway, I beat him, and moved on to the side scrolling stages, which I thought were fantastic. I hung out at the beginning of that level, collecting huge amounts of hearts from the vertically falling enemies. The POWer ups were fantastic with the revolving shield, better bow, etc.

I really liked the special rooms, especially the training room, where the stone tablets try crashing into you, and you have to shoot them or avoid them.

This is the game that made me a complete NES addict, the 3rd one I played for the console. For the time, it was completely impressive, and still holds replay value today.
I remember having trouble in the first stages, not being able to afford anything, and getting to the fortress at the end, and finding an area there where the floating eyeballs that give the large hearts weren't very far from a Hot Spring, and thinking, "that money thing isn't going to be a problem again!"
So, I got up to 999 hearts, maxed all the items out that I could, and it was a little overkill. I blazed through the rest of the game as a result!
Japanese box art wins again here.

Man, another casualty of US box-art changes.

This game is tough and time-consuming; I've never gotten very far past the first dungeon. I'll do it here someday though!