Game of the Week 02/2007: Super Sprint

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This week's pick was chosen by logandbz.

Super Sprint is a 1986 arcade game by Atari Games. The player drives a Formula 1-like car on a circuit that is viewed from above.
Super Sprint is a simple racing game. Up to three players drive simultaneously on a circuit against opponents controlled by the computer. The circuits are viewed from above and always fit on the screen, so the game never scrolls. After three rounds the winner advances to the next circuit. There are 8 circuits in total, but the game never ends—the circuits just repeat. As the player goes to higher levels, more and more obstacles appear on the track, like oil puddles and tiny moving tornadoes. If the car touches them, the player loses control over the car for a short time while it is sliding and spinning. Driving into a wall with high speed or falling from one of the bridges destroys the car, but a helicopter will appear to replace it.
The car can be customized by collecting wrenches that lie on the track. The player can exchange three of them for improved traction, better acceleration or higher top speed.

To tell the truth, I haven't even heard of that game before. Yeah, I know... shame on me.
If I find the time I'll grab the NES ROM and give it a try.
So it's up to logandbz. Fill us in on the charm and appeal of this game.

Japanese box and cart:


I couldn't find a good photo of the cart. If anybody has one, please post here.

This time I like the US design more. The Tengen boxes always look super elegant.

One of my favourite games back in the days of the 80's arcade, I played this one a lot (along with its cousin Super Off Road). I've only tried the NES version in NES ROM form and wasn't too impressed. I'd rather play it on MAME. But either way the game just isn't the same without a steering wheel (does the NES have a steering wheel accessory, I'm not sure?).

Pretty sure thats a no. It would be sweet though.

This game roks teh f#*king soxs off any other 8 bit racing game ever.

Very simple gameplay (yet still awesome), increasingly added difficulty (impossible to master), and (as far as I know) unlimited levels. This game is definatly in the top 5 of my fav NES games.

You gotta play the NES ROM. The arcade version is very different.

I remember the arcade version of this game. I loved playing it as a kid and never even knew it existed on the NES until now. I loaded the NES ROM and played up to level 7. The game seems too easy at first, but gets progressively harder. It's a classic.

EDIT: By the way I have to say US boxart all the way for this one

I own this game, but I don’t have any good memories worth mentioning. Had a bit of fun with it. While it is a great little racing game, I would have to side with RC Pro Am for the best 8 bit racer.

I like the little short cuts that they put on the track. Sorry to get sidetracked again, but a very similar game on the SNES that I enjoy playing now and then is Super Off Road.

I can’t recall if this game is 2 player or not on the NES. I guess it’s been a while, because I don’t remember the POWer ups with traction, etc. unless they left that out of the NES version.

Yea it still has a 2 player mode along with the acceleration, top speed, and traction POWer-ups.

Pretty sure thats a no. It would be sweet though.

I'm gladly found WRONG on this matter

Awesome, had no idea this was on the NES. Super Sprint is one of my favorite mindless racers. It has everything I like in an arcade racer. It's fun, it's quick, and it's simple.

Really, though, I doubt it can beat RC Pro Am.

Pretty sure thats a no. It would be sweet though.

I'm gladly found WRONG on this matter

And to me

Lucky bastid.

Yeah, its probably not worth that much but oh well. I doubt it will work all that great for Super Sprint, but I can think of a few others it will be cool for