Game of the Week 07/2007: Guerrilla War

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Guerrilla War (Guevara in Japan) is a 1987 arcade game by SNK. It is an overhead run and gun game.
Originally released for arcades in 1987, Guerrilla War followed the adventures of two unnamed rebel Commandos as they raid an unnamed Caribbean Island in order to free it from the rule of an unnamed tyrannical dictator. Along the way the players vanquish hordes of enemy soldiers while attempting to rescue hostages (with large score deductions for any hostages killed in the crossfire).
The game holds the distinction of being the only commercially released game based on the exploits of a Marxist revolutionary (see section below).

I haven't played that one yet. Anyways shooting games aren't really my beloved genre, so I guess I won't like it, but I'll surely give it a try on ye olde emulator.

Box art time again!

What's better this time?
What makes this game interesting for you? Discuss please.

Guerilla War is another fun one. This is one of the last games I ever bought for my NES collection (79 total). I was at a garage sale 2 years ago, and found just this one single NES game in a box. It was either 50 cents or $1. I didn’t buy it cause it was cheap, I bought it because I knew it was a fun game.

There is a ton of levels in this game, and the game play is fantastic. I only played through it once, and I believe the continues are unlimited. If you like Jackal, GunSmoke, or Iron Tank, this one is worth trying.

Guerilla War is fun for a blast, but it is ridiculously easy because of the the unlimited continues that start you at the exact place that you die. So anyone will be able to see the whole game on their first sitting. Of course you can make it harder by limiting the number of continues you use, but after I beat it the first time I never went back to it.