Game of the Week 43/2006: Captain Skyhawk

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By request of Uber Newb.

I personally haven't even heard of that game before. I'll have to grab a copy of the NES ROM and try it later.
I researched a bit and came to the conclusion that there is no Japanese version of the game, so today you'll only get US boxart from me.

So let's get going.
At first I'll leave it to Uber Newb to add more info on his game of choice.

I will also have to play it on my emulator later, because I haven't heard of it...

be glad you haven't heard of it. Captain SkyHawk is a big, fat, sweaty, steaming pile of GARBAGE! and i'm shocked that 'Newb likes this game, and would request it

Hmm. Haven't heard of this one, either. I'll have to grab the NES ROM as well and try it before I decide whether or not it's a big, fat, sweaty, steaming pile of garbage, lol.

ha! I remember the only way I could beat this game back in the day was with the invincibility code. This game is hard as . Landing inside the big red satellites or whatever is a pain in the arse as well.

Well, I'm certainly glad I managed to get a controversial game. This'll be guaranteed to be interesting, because I will TEAR OUT THE HEART OF ANY WHO DISAGREE WITH ME.

Well, actually, no. That tactic is reserved solely for people who criticize Metal Storm.

Basically, Captain SkyHawk is kind of different, which easily makes it the apex of NES flight combat sims. It's pure arcade gameplay, consisting of a neat pseuodo3D view and a flightsim fighting. I'll let you all play it before talking about it further, I look forward to debating it.

I like Captain SkyHawk. Sure it's a tough game (I've not even come close to beating it) but it's fun for a bit of a blast and I can get a few levels in. In fact I'd go as far as say it's one of my favourite NES flying games (not a big fan of the genre though). It's a hell of a lot better than Top Gun anyway.

It's not a huge accomplishment to beat Top Gun.

Boy, there's a bad game.

Well, I tried it today, and sofar, I like it well enough. The first thing I thought of, for some reason, was "it's Zaxxon on steroids," the way you have to frantically pull up to get the plane out of danger.
I even passed the first level, managed to get the plane into one of those spinning thingies that I believe Roth was talking about. 2nd level with the Sphinxes on the ground killed me off.
Pretty good game; wish it had more continues; I'm surprised I made it as far as I did!
Oh, yeah--any NES game where you're able to put your initials in, or leaves a high score, always gives it an extra plus for me nowadays, thanks to Save States. I always wondered why they bothered 'back in the day,' you've got to turn that NES off sometime!

I've only gotten to the third level, then I die. What I liked about the game was, as usual, the little touches added in. The cool scaling done on the DNA-Strand-Thing at the highscores menu was cool, the plane movement and animation was excellent, and the backgrounds are really interesting, something which no other NES flight sim did. Ever.

Other than that, I just wish they hadn't slacked off so much on the enemies. Pure arcade action or not, I expect more than an unanimated tank aimlessly bumping back and forth, dammit!

and the backgrounds are really interesting

Other than that, I just wish they hadn't slacked off so much on the enemies.

well, the backgrounds are basically 1 boring color. the "3D" is kinda cool, but seeing 1 color gets boring, fast.

the enemies are horrible. they're all the same color, and all do the exact same thing. it's boring.... gets old, fast.

i don't like this game, never really have.

Even if they are one color, the details and geographic features vary wildly. Besides, the enemies are actually kind of sidline features. Your main hazards deal with geography and objectives, and your own inability to multitask. Try to do too much, and you're dead. Try to do too little, and it's boring. That intriguing prospect is what I really like about it, the eye candy just makes it interesting enough to play.

And really, as for the enemies, things get much more interesting once you encounter those bastard flying opponents, the ground guys are little more than mobile guns.

Besides, as far as arcade gameplay goes, the enemies could be worse. As in, say... Virtuacop?

I played it today, and I gotta say it's a bit better than I remembered, and not as hard as I thought... maybe. I'm not sure how far in the game I was, but all the "beams" were empty on the score counter screen, and I was on a level where I was about to rescue a second scientist. Those parts that were spinning weren't nearly as bad as I remember either. I never messed up once.

I know I used to suck majorly at this game when it came out, so I don't know what happened... maybe I've gotten better at shooting-style games. Don't know.

i played it a little after my last ost. is the 'Top Gun' type thing a bonus stage or is that level 2? either way, it started to glitch up on that part, but was still playable. after that stage it got real bad, i couldn't do anything but die. this pissed me off. i was trying to give the game a another chance.

the game was a little bit easier than i remembered . i still wasn't too thrilled though. i guess it's not TOO bad for a flight sim (a helluva lot better than Top Gun, which isn't saying much).

but still, Captain Skycock, UGH!!

I always saw the After Burner stages as bonus levels, but they get freaking LONG, so they may very well be levels in and of themselves.

How much game is left when you get to the second scientist Uber Newb? I'm curious, and HATE looking up FAQs online.

Hm. Even on my good days, I've never personally gotten past the first scientist, but I'm pretty sure that it's one more After Burner-style stage and one or two space stages.

This one reminds me of my very first trip to a used video game store (I think it was a funcoland). Up to that point, all my games had been either purchased brand new at the store for $40 or more each, rented at a local gas station which had a selection of around 20 games, or borrowed from friends. Imagine how delighted I was to see shelves full of games that I could purchase for anywhere from $3 to $20. It was heaven. This was one of my selected games from that trip.

About the game itself, it felt like a suped up version of Top Gun, on the stages where you shoot down enemy planes. The isometric stages were quite good too. It was the first game I played that use that kind of view. The enemies seemed a little weird at first, with those round orbs that shoot at you. I owned it for years, but I conquered this one for the first time back in 2004.

I know how you felt in that used game shop.
I had the same experience when I first went to Japan. Thousands of used games beginning from 20 Yen. Believe me, THAT is heaven.