This forum is for discussing the successor to the SNES-- the N64. All system and game-related discussion about the N64 should be in here.
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N64 clone with classic games
Mario 64?
Welcome to the N64 forum!
Good and bad RPGs?
Favorite game?
EarthBound 64 Failure
N64 Collections
Banjo Games
Trying to finish N64 collection....what games should I get?
Funny Mario 64 Trick
Jet Force Gemini
Must see this website!! Portable N64!!
Anyone know some good sites on N64 emulation?? R O M S ?
N64 Controller for use on PC? As a Gamepad??
StarFox 64
Racing Games for N64
Tri-Star/Super 8 adapter, plays NES on SNES/N64
Any advise on DK64?
N64 Background Game
Paper Mario Review
N64 Emulation
N64 Adaptoid
Super Mario 64 beaten in under 21 minutes
Lengthen N64 controller
Mind of Mencia (Comedy Central)
Modding controllers to play on N64
First post (Hello!!) and N64 Score
How much would I get on Ebay?
Opening up an N64?
What do you guys think is...
Did you enjoy the Cruis'n Games?
"The World is Not Enough" saved games?
007 cheats
Rental Only games???
Favourite Level on GoldenEye?
Goldeneye or Perfect Dark
Happy Birthday!!!
Majora's Mask question
Star Fox Arwing discovered in Zelda Ocarina of Time
Nintendo 64 Game Shark
How many N64 games do you have?
Banjo Kazooie
Konami code in n64 game
Superman 64
Your First N64 Game
Favourite Wave Race 64 course/praise thread
Ocarina of Time.
Best Graphics on N64
Man, I REALLY need some help in Conker...
Hardest cheat!
Controller Modding
Which of these games are Must Buy?
The inside of a N64 game.
Manuals needed
Turok: Dinosaur Hunter question
Resident Evil 0
Resident Evil 2 and other games discussion
OMG a N64!!!!
Harvest Moon
Modding an N64
What was the last N64 game that you...
The "Gamebooster" cartridge
Good way to clean your N64 system?
Mario Kart 64
To buy, or not to buy...
N64 Nights