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I am remembered I was playin my N64 one time and my freind accidentally hit the cartridge, the game was still working but mario was all disconfigured, like he was jst messed up clocks, I remember jumping and his woo hoo noices sounded a lot funnier. It was also funny to see you climba tree, after a while the game would freeze and sometimes I would end up in the de-bug room when entering the castle.

I never had such an experience. When I play usually nobody hits the cart.
Only one time the whole N64 fell down with Zelda plugged in it, but I could play on without a problem.

That reminds me of the trick of lifting up the right side of the cartridge ever so slightly. As you do it, mario just sorta lies on his back and slides around...then it freezes. Its a worthless trick, but good to do if your bored.

*I wouldn't do this if you have files you are currently working on, not that I have had any of mine erased this way, just to be safe.*

Yea as ShadowXMetalshred said by lifting the cart out just a little bit you can glitch games. Some games the sprites will change and still be playable. Just go through all your N64 games tryin it. Its fun.

will it screw up the game or the system?

Nah, it shouldn't. It's not something you would want to do more than once anyway.

I tryed it with Star Fox 64, The game froze.

i was trying it with Mario 64, and the game just shut off. So umm i dunno.

It's going to eventually freeze during the trick anyway. You have to lift the right side up just right. As far as I know, this trick only works with Mario 64 so I don't know about the trying it with Starfox.

Follow what they said about moving the cartridge from the right slightly over, it's the same trick, it's just my freind tripped over the cartridge while they pulled it a little. It's easy, if anything just smack it from the front , like punch it a little

I tried this trick with my LOZ: Ocarina of Time cart. Instead of pulling the game out, I just hit the bottom of the system lightly. The sound got very distorted. When I paused and flipped through the menu, the game showed a nice variety of colors onscreen. It then went black.

I don't have an N64 but I tried it with a GB and Super Mario Land, Mario turned into coins and the goomba things when he died

I like tricks like this a lot more:

But I thought you waited for it, then thought "What is this garbage?".
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