Good and bad RPGs?

In N64

What good RPGs/Action-Adventures do you enjoy on the 64? And which do you dislike?

I think the 2 Zeldas will be on the "like" side of most people.
At least the two Zeldas lead my list.

I don't like "Holy Magic Century", I think it's called "Quest 64" in the US. That game's so bad. Silly random battles, invisible barriers in the landscape, your level won't go up for ages, no money-system (you get everything for free, which is silly)...

Please tell me more good Zelda-like games or RPGs if there are some.

A great Zelda like game is Mystical Ninja Starring Goemon. I understand that Goemon is a popular series in Japan. It's a shame it wasn't more popular in the West.

That's something I've always wondered about... you're going to save the world. the world that has the merchants in it. without you, they die. and still they charge money to you for the items you need to complete your quest...

You got me wrong... it's not bad that you get things for free, because you save the people... what I'm saying is you only get 1 item at a time from them.
If there was a store I'd buy 50 loafs of bread to be able to fight long battles. But they always give you only 1 bread and stuff. That's not enough. "I'll give you more when you need it." They say. Great, that doesn't help me in battle with 13 wolves at a time.

I hope I made my point understandable now...

Terranigma is a very lesser known game with a sweet RPG system that was released only in Japan and Europe for SNES/Super Famicom. Give the NES ROM a try.

I agree that Terranigma is a good RPG but he's asking about games on the N64!

Yes, and of course I own Terranigma for SNES in a fine big box in which it came out in Germany.

Sorry about that Manuel, was a little late around where I was when that post was made. Anyhow...

Paper Mario
Hybrid Heaven (sort of)
Harvest Moon 64 (Not PAL, but if you can, definitely)
Aidyn Chronicles
Castlevania: Legacy of Darkness
Mission: Impossible (ignore graphics and you're fine)
Shadowgate 64

I think that's about it...

omg quest 64 was awwwwwwwwful. And for the mystical ninja on n64 i own that game and love to death.. That game kept me up for hours

Goemon went on my list of games to (search and) buy in Japan.
I love Goemon for SNES and Famicom, too. Those games are so funny.

I might get Paper Mario for free from my wife's brother.

Thanks for all the other recommendations, too.

The only RPG on N64 I've ever known about was 'Paper Mario'. It's definitely one of the most unusual RPG experiences out there, but it fits the label.

As for the rest I know of...
'Ogre Battle 64' is more of a "Strategy". I'm not sure what to call 'Shadowgate 64' (first-person graphic text adventure maybe)?

'Zelda' games are, of course, "adventure".
I often think that the only reason why anything 'Zelda' gets fitted to the "RPG" category is because, when asked, fanboys want to name off a N64 game.

Never played 'Quest 64'. It is kind of becoming the 'E.T.' of N64 - and by that I mean everyone mentions how awful it is and nothing else.
It can't possibly be that bad can it?

It can.
I mean, it doesn't look so bad and I might actually like it, but there are way too many odds.
Sometimes when you fight, there's a hill and the camera will go behind that hill, so you see absolutely nothing. That's bad, because when you use magic you have to look in the direction of the enemy. How look in the direction when you can't see anything?
And the pop-up battles are so annoying. You can't see the hoardes of enemies that are before you. Sometimes 7 wolves come out of nothing and attack you.
You can't explore the fields. There's an invisible barrier, you can't get past that. And apart from that, there is NOTHING to explore. No secrets or anything, you just go from one place to the other. It's way too linear.

I bought it some years before cheaply and tried it out. I died in the first battle, was frustrated and laid it away.
Some weeks before I tried again. I thought, you bought it, now play it. It can't be so hard.
I beat the enemies, went to the castle, on the way I slaughtered some enemies, but my level won't go up. I also don't understand the "stats" screen. What do all the percentages say? And why do they change so often. Why couldn't they just use the exp. point system?

Everybody gives you stuff for free, and I like that basically, but they always give you just one item.
When I get a healing item... I want to stock up. I'm an old-school RPG fan. When there's a potion I want to own 99 of them or as many I can carry. Right? Who does NOT want to carry as much healing potion as possible? But you only get one at a time.
A monetary system isn't bad for RPGs I think.

The graphics aren't of the most overwhelming type, too...

Those are the bad points I can think of now... I'm sure there were some more, but you can try for yourself if you... dare?

I understand completely. Old school RPGS were the best i loved buying 99 oh tonics and high potions

That's how it should be. We understand each other. Every normal RPG player tries to stock up on things as much as possible.

that game quest 64 was good!

What part exactly in that game was good? .. can't find anything.

in quest 64? I liked the game i thought it was different from what i remember! i havent played it in like 6 years or something but i thought it had fun things to fight and i remember attacking with spells you would unlock or buy i liked it

You surely can't buy spells because you have no money. You have to find crystals and you get more spells automatically.

Are you sure we talk about the same game?

You surely can't buy spells because you have no money. You have to find crystals and you get more spells automatically.

Are you sure we talk about the same game?

Yeah i told you i havent played it in like 6 years maybe you can buy them with the crystals i dotn remember i liked it though

I remember playing it when I was young, did not see much of Quest 64 but the forest area and combat. I am just learning why so many hated it.

My favs are Daikatana and Hybrid Heaven. Just started playing Hybrid Heaven again, and lost an entire week to it (just keept going back to the same enemies trying to learn all the moves).

my bro got Hybrid heaven and i hated it soooooooooooooo mcuh

Hybrid Heaven isn't for everyone. I liked it because you get to turn potentially fatal holds by your enemy into match winning reversals. And I liked the way they mixed a turn-based fighting system with a normal one.

paper mario is pretty great really.

Ive never tried any of the paper marios. Maybe ill have to look into that sometime. But i did enjoy super mario rpg quite a bit.

It took me six years to beat Super Mario RPG! I finally beat it and I saw the bad ending it it just made me wish I could get SuperMario RPG2 or somthin'.

I can still remember the pathetic yet funny PapaerMario 64 commercial

Same here. I thought paper mario was just another rip-off Mario game. But it was accually another rpg for me to master!

I have to get that game from my wife's brother. For free, of course.

*NES-dude-dude drops jaw*

Yea, I had to wait to see my freind play it when he rented it.

I also heard Ogre Battle is a great RPG, you build up an army.

Is it like one of those RTS games like Age of Empires or Warcraft?