EarthBound 64 Failure

In N64

Anyone here of how Earth Bound 64 was supposed to be made but got cancelled

Nope. I never could get into the earthbound games wierd for me heh.

I think I would have liked and bought it. It was sad that they cancelled it.
But perhaps there will be a sequel some time.

Yeah, I think that the storyline waas too out of whack anyway. I just wish they'd actually make a damn Earthbound ganme and put an end to all this specualtion!

I don't care how whack the story was, as long as the game played good

I just replayed Earthbound for the NES, and really like it. I wish that they would have finish making it.

A site said that Hal Laboratory was still learning the 3D graphics Sesame Street: ABCk then and that there was tons of glitches in the game. Maybe that's one reason for the no show. Still, where's Earthbound for the Game Cube?

I heard a rumor about the Cube ending its "
gameing perido" (even though I'll be playing
it still) with an Earthbound.
Hey you never know.
Gamecube will be making new games until 2006ish.

Yea they are endping a lot of stuff. They are probably going all new with the Rev

there is rumors going around that EarthBoundDS will be mother 3DS lets hope its true!