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It was killing me seeing no new posts in the N64 section for a week so I think we should start a N64 Background Game. Same rules as the NES one; start with a background from a N64 game, try to edit out any tell tale signs of the game(characters,life bars),and post it. The person who gets it right can do a picture next, etc. I will start with this screenshot:

Thats easy. Super Smash Bros. I give up my turn to anyone.

Allrite how about this one:

Easy, Super Mario 64. I give up my turn again.

Allrite now it gets harder

Army Men?

It's probably best to change the name in the properties!

Here's another:

LOL. I didn't look... . Anyways, I think that one is Harvest Moon 64.


Mystical Ninja?

Mystical Ninja definitely

Right you are!

SUPERGodzilla gave me his turn so can someone guss this title screen:

I'm not positive, but I think I'm gonna go with Monster Jam (or whatever that monster truck game is).


I figured it out. Offroad challenge! greatmightypoo you can have my turn if you wish.

Thanx Homer. Heres this title screen:

THE greatest game of all time for the N64 and the first game I ever owned, WAVERACE!!!!!

Anyone out there want to post a picture cuz i want to guess one. Lets get someone new in here.

I'll put one up but I'm away all day so I won't be able to get it up till 2nite.

Yea, that's definately sin and punishment, a brilliant shoot-em up. I give it a 71%. Here's mine:

Golden eye, anyone can have my turn

Nice work. Here's another to guess. It may be hard b/c there's not much to work with, so if it takes a while I'll start posting clues.

It looks like diddy kong racing to me.

If I'm right, someone else can take my turn.

WINNER!! Beefcube you are correct!! Homer Simpson my man you put up the next one cuz im busy wit N64 emulation.

Yea, that's definately sin and punishment, a brilliant shoot-em up. I give it a 71%. Here's mine:

umhmm definatly Sin and Punishment.

Thanx for the turn. Here's the next screen:

CRUISIN USA!!!!!! I tried to get to get away from answering but i just had to. Someone PLEASE take my turn.

Correct on the guess. This is becoming my new hobby. Here's the next screen:

^Man, I knew CtUSA was that. I'm just too slow. This one.....I have no idea. My best guess (which is bad) would be Pilot Wings 64.

Malon_Forever you are correct. Homer Simpson and i are buissness partners and have been working together on this game. Since you got it right you win the POWer to post the next screen. Try real hard to stump Homer and I.

Here we go:

hmmm... kinda hard to see. can we get a hint maybe?

Robots. (tell me if you need another)

That is Space Station Silicon Valley.

Yep. Correct.

Ok he told me he doesn't have time to get a new screenshot, so from my plethora of screens I give you another:

1080 snowboarding?

Nice work. Your turn David.

if david doesn't do it I'll do one.

Is it tank wars (or tank battles or sumthin like that)?

I don't have much P.C skills, so I pass all my turns over to whomever.
As for the new one, no ideas

That has to be vigilante 8 2nd offence

nope close though.

Vigilante 8: 2nd Offense?

Body Harvest?

vigilante 8 is very very close , its cool.

Well, no one has posted a picture, so...

I knew the IGN logo and with the help of a fighting game master friend he was positive Bio F.R.E.A.K.S.. Heres mine its pretty easy because i havent spent much time to make a hard one... But a hard one will come soon.

Its a little dark to see much. Any clues?

That look like Bio F.R.E.A.K.S. to me, but we're still waiting on an answer to the one everyone thought was Vigilante 8.

That has to be virtual pool 64.Great game of billards.

Homer it was Vigilante 8. And as for subzero you are correct the game is Virtual Pool 64. Here is my next one because subzero has no time.

Mario Kart 64.

You are correct!! I thought it would have taken a while for that

I use to play that game so much when I first bought my N64. I still play it a little. I love that board. I'll put up the next pic soon.

Homer it was Vigilante 8. And as for subzero you are correct the game is Virtual Pool 64. Here is my next one because subzero has no time.

everyone thought it was the second Vigilante 8 game, Its the first.

Heres one.

Turrok? (Probably a really bad guess).


Somethings telling me it's one of the Castlevania games, although I only played a few minutes of the first N64 one. So it could be way off.

Good guess, but its not one of the Castlevania games. I really enjoyed this game.

HINT: You could pick from a preist (a guy), or a girl in the beginning of the game.

Resident Evil?

No. Keep trying.

More Hints?

The lasts board it just crazy HELL. (fire everywhere)

Nightmare Creatures.

Ding ding ding ding ding! Correct. Nice job. I fooled some people on that. You get next pic.

Very Great Game

WOW! I haven't seen this game in so long. My friend use to have it.

I think the name was Mischief something?!?! Right?

I believe the name is Mischief Makers. I remember playing that game long ago, I think i still have it lol.

Ah. That sounds right. You can put up the next pic.

yeah thats Right , and man this game can be fun as hell.

Was a little small to see but i recognize that from Bomberman 64. Heres mine:

That looks a little bit of Banjo-Tooie. (thats a bad guess)

No. The picture is a little blurry so i will tell you that it is a stack of BOXES or CRATES.Your objective in the game is to DESTROY them.

Could it be Conkers Bad Fur Day?

No. Here is another hint: On the first level of this game one of your objectives is to break all sets of boxes. Keep tryin

Tony Hawk's Pro Skater.

That was going to be my next guess, but my brother said, 'How could it be Tony Hawk, there's no cave!"

Nes-Luke you are a winner. Your turn to post a picture.

Well, I'm a little bored, so if someone gets this, NES-Luke can do his whenever.

duke nukem


How about this one?

Castlevania 64

Devil that cried you are a WINNER!!

No one? No guess? Do you guys give up?

Rocket Robot on 1 wheel

Rocket: Robot on Wheels

Here is a screen from one of my favorite games:

Duke Nukem: Zero Hour!

Yes Homer you are correct. Duke Nukem Zero hour

OK here's the next screen:

Paper Mario!! Try and guess this:

Harvest moon 64! I'll get another on shortly

OK here we go:

EASY!! The dinosaur blow them up game Turok.Ill post a new picture soon.

Sorry it took a day to put this up but Imageshack wasnt working . Any way here it is:

Is that Paper Mario?

I say Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards...?

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards is correct!!

I'll post the pic soon/later.

Here it is:

I don't know Killer Instinct.


War Gods?

Daynum you are right!! I was gonna say War Gods but you beat me to it. Your turn.

Here goes:

Zelda 64?


That doesn't look like a game I've played, but I'll guess Mission Impossable????

No. Time for a clue. I think this game was a rental only release, but there are a few carts going on ebay so it's not too rare. It stars a very famous hero.

Indiana Jones ?

A winner is you!!

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine it was.

That was a real hard one daynum. You sure stumped me on it, I had NO clue what game that was. Good Job

A winner is you!!

Indiana Jones and the Infernal Machine it was.

I didn't even know that they had a Indiana Jones for 64...

May be hard to see, so tell me if you need hints.

Milo's Astro Lanes. It reminds me of a game on old Windows called Skyroads. Ill post a pic in the next 30 mins.

Here it is;

Blast Corps?

Sorry Bagrm but thats not it. Since no one has got it in a day the answer is Monster Truck Madness 64. Some one else can put up a picture

Fighting Force 64, as was hinted by the filename. Though I knew it anyway.

Well I never took my turn so here it goes...

Flying Dragon.

Correct, that was quick lol

O.K. NES Luke, you put another one up for us, or you can pass your turn to someone else.

Someone else can go, my computer is too lame to run an N64 emulator to get a decent shot.

O.K. I'll get one. I'll have it up in 15 minutes or so.

O.K. here it is. Good luck!

Pokemon Snap?

That does look like Pokemon Snap. The river course from the intro i believe.

Yea, that has to be Pokemon Snap.

You are correct. Your turn, bagrm.

Good Luck!

Since no one has gotten it the game was Dark Rift. Anyone can post the next pic

PGA Golf?

close enough its PGA European Golf or somethin similar.

O.K. Malon_Forever, you get the next post.

Please don't look at what it is called. Thanks

The guide to background/screenshots games:

Step 1: Right click image, save as (or save image as)

Step 2: right click on the saved file, rename.

Step 3: to rehost the file.

Step 4: link to/embed the file in the thread. don't lie due to laziness and say it doesn't work, it does.

Step 5: the background game is actually fun again.

I think that is Ogre Battle 64. I could be wrong.

Ogre Battle 64: Person of Lordly Caliber is correct. Put up the next pic poo.

Guess what game this weapon POWer up is from

Yea thanx it was messed up I was experiencing technical diffuculties.

Guess what game this weapon POWer up is from

It may be easy, at least i think it is. Dint have enough time to make a good one.

Theres something wrong with your link.

Total guess, but... Battle Tanx?

Thats what it is! Atleast I think. I didn't know it was for the N64 though. I just always played it off shockwave.com.


Alright sweet. I'll have the next one up shortly.

O.K., here it is:

Good luck!

You stumpted me. I doubt anyone will get that though. Good luck.

O.K. I'll give you a hint. This will prolly give it away, but I'm not good at giving hints. The multiplayer game is played on a grid, and the object of the game is to blow up your opponents.

A single word in a pretty generic font doesn't count as a background or a screenshot. let's keep it fair here....

Ooooooooooooooo, is it Bomberman 64?

Correct! Take the next post, Malon_Forever.

Ok, I'll put it up soon.

Added by NES-Luke:

Well, since no one got, its Star Solider: Vanshing Earth. Anyone can put up the next pic.

Hmmm....I don't know (maybe a hint?). My best guess is Mission Impossable.

armt men sarges heroes.

Army Men Sarges Heroes to be correct. But close enough Devil that cried. You go next.

Try and get this one:

Hint: it is from the intro

Mario party 2?

ok its my turn though, hehehehe

Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards .


Heres a easy one!

Star Wars Episode 1 Racer. A game I need to find for my N64.

Super Smash Brothers.


You may put up the next pic. I'm really tired...

right luke! That game actually came packaged with my N64. Good game!

Mario Party 1

You are correct!!

sice malon hasnt posted one yet, ill post another:

Beetle Adventure Racing.

haha that was fast, yep

I'l ltry to post a pic. IF its not up in an hour, anyone can take my turn.

Here we go:

quest 64.


another semi-easy one!

Megaman 64

i just got that game!
even tho i have had it for years for playstation.

Megaman 64

i just got that game!
even tho i have had it for years for playstation.

You had Megaman 64 for the Playstation?

its just rally Megaman Legends.

Right! Good game, isnt it... You can post the next one if you like.

since Devil thatcried didnt post one, ive got another one.

sorry for not posting one

Thats a Bugs life,
and if im right someone can take the next pic.

Ahhhh. Here is a true background, no character, life bar, or any thing else.

This is a bad guess, but I'm going to say

007:The World is Not Enough

Perfect Dark

if im right someone take my pic.

Sorry for the low quality but i dint have enough time:

That last one looks terrible, but I'll guess Buck Bumble.

And Buck Bumble it is.

Hmmm....don't really know, but I'll say Turok: Dinosaur Hunter.


Banjo Kazooie or Banjo Tooie?

Hmmm....I don't know what it is, but it kind of reminds to the entrance to Zora's Domain in Zelda - the OOT. So, I guess that, but im sure it"s wrong.

That's what I thought when I saw the scene as well, but that's not it.

it's also not any of the Banjo games.

Pokemon Snap? (bad guess)


Looks like I found a good one.

I showed the image to five/six friends and none of them knew it.

NES-LUKE i dont see a picture there?? All it is is an invisible link to imageshack.

Seems to be working for everyone else, so it must be you. anyway...

I'll post the answer if nobody has guessed it by 5:00 PM EST

EDIT: It was Hercules: The Legendary Journeys. The screenshot is from the first stage, directly behind the large tree as soon as you start the stage. I edited out the status information.

Can anybody post a new one? It's been a while...

Not going to be easy, but here you go:

It's a Japan only game, if anyone has a problem with it, feel free to post another.

Not going to be easy, but here you go:

Easy! 'Sin and Punishment'.

A real "treasure" of a game.

Not going to be easy, but here you go:

Easy! 'Sin and Punishment'.

A real "treasure" of a game.

Very good.

WOW!! This has been so long. If ZEN doesnt want to post one then heres mine:

Is that Ogre Battle?

Nope try again.

THats ROad RAsh 64, my cousin used to have that, and then he gave it ot me.

Yep. Awesome racing\fighting game.

Its a horror-themed, non-linear action game with ample bits of platforming and ledge grabbing.