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This is the new forum for all things related to the N64. try to keep related topics in here.

I am glad you guies added this, we needed it, it was just NES, SNES and then right to the modern day stuff.

Ok, then I hope we can fill that place with lots of N64 stuff.

And what about Gameboy? Gamecube? DS?

Virtual Boy?

And what about Gameboy? Gamecube? DS?

GameCube is a modern console, I could see a Gameboy forum maybe... but not GameCube.

But in 10 years, when the Cube's a classic?

Gameboy would really be good I think. I mean, lots of games for NES are also available for GB (in other versions).
But let's at first wait how the N64 place develops.

We need more or less not just a gameboy but Handhelds forum. The GB series was not the only handhelp NES successfully made. The Virtual Boy and the G&G handheld (which looks similar to the DS) would need to fit in there.

That's a good argument. I'm for a handheld-forum, too. Then we could discuss all the Gameboys, DS and also Virtual Boy there... that's kind of a handheld... no?

If you have big hands!

If you have big hands!

what bout ps1... thats classic

If you have big hands!
what about the xbox OMG thats a bliggan BEAST and not a sexy BEAST

Since these are NES pages I think the specific forums should somehow stay Nintendo-related... what do the others think?

Manuel's right. It's called NES Files. The reason we have a Modern Consoles section is because obviously we would want to talk about the newer stuff. A whole new forum dedicated to these systems just wouldn't fit. A hand-held forum might not be a bad idea, though.

Sorry for bringing this thread from the dead, but I still think a handheld section would be nice....., or not?

I still think it would be cool.
Somebody has to talk to Derek (teh 0wn3r of da s1t3 ) about it.

I think you, or another MOD should. He would probably think you (the MODs) have better jugdement.

Look, there it is already!