Favourite Level on GoldenEye?

In N64

Whats your favourite stage? Mine would have to be the Caverns. Its so fun sneaking up on guys and sniping them with the Assualt rifle

Facility is the BEST! So many great memories, 1 player, and 4 player.....god I love that game!

^^ if that's the second level that's my fave too. I also like the frigate and the one before the bunker with the towers you can climb and snipe people from the top of. Oh yeah.

Yea, thats the second level in 1 player.

I agree

I have to go with Facility too. I love going through that level with enemy rocket launchers switched on. Keeps you on your toes. It's also a great level for multiplayer because everyone knows it well (as it's the second level in the game).

Yea, I loved the days when I didn't have a computer to look up cheats, but could only learn from friends.......I was the only one who knew about the cheat to get back into the vents . I miss those days...

I still dont know the vent cheat, but it wasnt very useful so I ignored it.
For single player I also liked the facility.
Multiplayer favorites were Stack and Complex.
I liked to use remote mines, chuck em at a guy and blow it up in his face.

Facility and Multi is Either STack or Complex.

Facility Rocked!!! it was really fun trying to unlock all the cheats too.. hard but fun.

Facility and Complex (Multi-player). Facility w/ pistols was probably the most played. Damn I miss those days. A couple buddies and I tried to go back and re-live the Goldeneye days, but it just wasn't the same.

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