N64 Emulation

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I have recently been interested in N64 emulation. It is really a fun thing especially not only being able to play your favorite N64 games but be able to play them with awesome Gameshark Cheat Codes. If you are interested in emulating the N64 these are some basic system requirements. If you dont meet these you probly should not even attempt N64 emulation:

Memory(RAM)= 256MB or greater
CPU(proccessor)= 500MHZ or greater
3D Video Accellerator Card with at least 10MB video SDRAM

If you meet those requirements the next thing you need to do is get an emulator.

Step 1:Emulator
I reccomend either 1964 or Project 64 from this site:

(For upmost compatibility with games I use both 1964 and PJ64)

Step 2:Roms
This is where P2P networks and BitTorrent comes in use. With a filesharing network (Imesh,Limewire, etc.) or BitTorrent you need to search for N64 NES ROMs. They come from ripped N64 cartridges. N64 NES ROMs range in size from 4 - 64 MB so if you have a dial up modem it would be great to become friends with someone with DSL or Cable and a CD burner to transport your NES ROMs from their PC to yours.

Step 3:Configuring your emulator
You need to setup your emulator to run based on your PC. For example if you just meet the requirements above dont try to run all your games in fullscreen (it will just be to slow). Also you need to configure your input settings (controller buttons). This is the config that I use:

Step 4:Play your games!! If you dont understand something or want to ask a qustion go ahead and ask. Ill try to answer it as soon as possible.

Thanks for that comprehensive how-to.
Should I ever want to do N64 emulation I'll come back here.

Nemu64 is good as well. Also try UltraHLE with a glider to work with your video card if you want to play GoldenEye.