Ocarina of Time.

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Christ, there isnt a topic on Ocarina of Time yet?
This has to be the best game ever created, with the gold skulltulas, heart peices, and the side quests such as masks, or the biggoron sword trading sequence. The Z Targeting concept was/is great, and really helped the use of various items, without having to manually guide them to their destination IE Boomerang, Slingshot, Longshot/Hookshot. ANd also guided the sword. The boss and enemy battles were intense, and ive never been "Scared" by any other game. it just scares the shit out of me, like the Redeads, and even Phantom ganon scared the BS out of me. Combined with the complex temples like the water temple.The Great Deku Tree, which introduced us to the game. this game was the 3-D evolution for the Zelda series. They couldnt of done any better. WHo didnt laugh when you played Sarias song to Darunia? I love this game so much it hurts me. Or when you heard Talon scream right after you awakened him with the cucco? How about the fishing game, for the golden scale? And Epona, wonderful. Ive never played any game for such a large amount of time.

There is, but it's in the Zelda forum.