Controller Modding

In N64

Seeing as Though the Emulation forum is under NES, I'll ask about it here.

I'm trying to mod an N64 Controller so it works as a USB game pad. But when I google, I just get the USB- PS2/N64 Adaptor, which costs money. I don't want to buy an Adaptor, but I want to make it by myself, Since they did it with an NES and an SNES, Why not with an N64

I'll tell you now, its a shitload more technical than you may think. You need schematics, and special boards so it will work with a USB port.

Well I havent found anything on a USB connection, but is a guide on how to get it connected to your DB-25 port (printer connection). I looked over it and like it says you should only try it if you have some experience with circuitry and soldering, basically that this shouldnt be your first electronic project.

EDIT> After some more searching I found

You're better off buying one of those adaptoids. the N64 is a real pain to work with, since everything is crammed into one data line. You're going to need encoder chips and other such additional hardware. which is going to cost you almost as much as the adapter. Only the DIY way, you have a messy taped up piece of crap, that may not work.

All right, I might consider the adaptiod better.