Star Fox Arwing discovered in Zelda Ocarina of Time

In N64

Apparently someone discovered this. It's real, (aside from the added ending) and accessible through Gameshark.

OoT (europe) PAL V1.0
81242e26 0009
81242eb4 013b
81242ec2 0000

OoT (europe) PAL V1.1
8124b456 0009
8124b4e4 013b
8124b4f2 0000

OoT (US) NTSC V1.0
81244096 0009
81244124 013b
81244132 0000

OoT (US) NTSC V1.1
8124c806 0009
8124c894 013b
8124c8a2 0000

OoT (US) NTSC V1.2
8124cd06 0009
8124cd94 013b
8124cda2 0000

Can you fly it?