Superman 64

In N64

I never had a chance to play this game is it really as bad as they say?

i've never played but i imagine it is as bas as they say. first of all it's a Superman game, second, it's on the N64! why would it be good?

Well the controls are odd and gameplay is a little confusing but once your use to it its not that bad I suppose.

I thought it was ok....but I rented it when I was really young, and can't quite remember all of it.

Fly through rings. Do it again. Try to ignore the green "kryptonite fog" that extends over everything. God, yes, it was awful.

Never played it but, the only good superman game ive played was Death and Return of Superman on SNES. Made by Blizzard.

That game was awesome. I had completely forgotten about it.

Well I started playing this game again last night and after a lot of getting used to I was doing pretty good. When I get home today I hope to beat it and post whatever the ending screen is along with a review.

i absolutely hated this game.

Yea by the time I got to the part where you have to disarm the bombs I got so mad after I died that I just turned it off. It is so glitchy and the fighting is so hard that I wont be playing that game for another 5 years. Cancel what I said about beating it and writing a review .