Turok: Dinosaur Hunter question

In N64

I’ve noticed that when I use a save point in the game, it will keep track of the number of lives I have left. If I’m on level 2, and I’m on my last life, should I redo the first level, so I end it with all 3 lives left?

Going into greater detail, do the number of lives really have any meaning? I figure I can simply go from save point to save point on 1 life – if I die, I just try again. The only advantage I see in having multiple lives, is that you can restart at Checkpoints, instead of your last save point if you die.

If you want to be a completionist, I'd restart it.

Mostly, lives are for the checkpoints, which definitely help in any game.

I have now finished the game, so it’s time to talk Turok.

What a great game. I rented this several times when it was brand new, but didn’t buy it until recently. I didn’t have a memory card back then, so I had to start at the beginning each time, but it was still lots of fun. The different death scenes are great. Sometimes you shoot a guy, and he gets thrown backwards, sometimes he grabs his neck and there is blood spraying from his jugular, and sometimes he goes into kicking death spasms on the ground. And now that I was able to venture further into the game (thanks to a memory card) I got to see the triceratops for the first time. Awesome.

Then, there are the boss battles. That T-Rex is fantastic, and so is the Campaigner. I have to recommend this game.

Now it’s on to the next game. Some Beetle Adventure Racing.

This was one of the first games I played on the 64 along with Mario. I always like the amount of fire POWer you could unleash with all weapons unlocked.