StarFox 64

In N64

Who remembers StarFox 64? Such a great game, and its my favorite Starfox game made. You flew in a ship (AKA ARWING) And progressed through levels shooting down enemies and what not. You had to complete certain objectives to get to different planets and what you did sometimes effective witch path you went. I wish the modern starfox games was just all arwing but ..sigh.. It sucks that the company that was making it gave up its license. Oh well, I hope they remake the game or something someday.

I like the new starfox but I agree. they should remake the starfox 64 'cus it was still fun.

Was it just me, or were your wingmates irritating as hell?

Hehe, they were rather annoying.
I liked it, was/is a good game, i'll have to hunt it down. I particually liked the big box it came in. No real reason why, I just did.

Heh yeah they were pretty annoying at parts, espically slippy. But if i had to pick my favorite 64 game it would be this, thats for sure.

"Fox! Get this guy off me!"

I hated my wingmates. They got so annoying! Star Fox 64, was, and still is a great game. I should go back and beat it again.

I loved this game, I remmembered struggling so hard to finally get all the medals! I like the Multiplayer when you get to be the actual person instead of a weapon. I hated how even when you got new things to be, everything would act like the plane. Even when you were a normal character

I have the game, it is pretty sweet, right up there with Super Mario 64. I still haven't found out what causes a "mission complete" and "mission accomplished" on each level, I know how it works on some of them, but not all. I have beaten the game several times, but not totally rapped it (similar to beating bowser #3 in SM64 but not getting 120 stars.)
There are 2 different end bosses too, one is in 2D and is a robot, the other is in 3D and is a brain, the brain one is WAY harder.

As for whoever called the teammates annoying, I HAVE to agree, especially Falco, grrr

Starfox 64 was an N64 game that I will never forget! I own Starfox Adventures, Starfox Assault, Starfox (original), and the infamous Starfox 2 (Japan only) I beat them all and love them all! Currently, I am holding Starfox Assault matches at my house with my friends. Its fun having 6 people play in a tournament. ^_^

I don't think Star Fox 2 saw a release anywhere... I know there is a beta NES ROM out there, but you don't have a cart...

i got a Star Fox 64/Rumble Pak promo video. i guess Nintendo POWer handed them out or something, i picked it up at Goodwill for $1.99. it's a really cheesey video. "Sony" and "Sega" are in it too. and they're blown away by how cool the rumble pak is and how great Star Fox 64 is.