Majora's Mask question

In N64

How do I save? I've just started playing and Im not sure if I need to get past an area in the game so I can save or if Im just being stupid and dont know how. I tried to save like you do in Ocarina of Time but it doesnt seem to work like that.

you either have to hit an owl statue with your sword
or you play the song of time.

thanks... I feel a little, okay well alot stupid now.

Majoras mask! I Rented it right when it was released. It was semi-fun. I called over my freinds .

so far I like it alot. so far. but I've heard nothing but mixed feelings about this game. it seems to me you (a) love it. or (b) hate it. since its Zelda though Im sure it'll kick ass.

It does. I just kind of don't like the time limit thing. But the swamp photo-thing is fun. And the Sun in the sky. and that telescope tower!

okay now heres another question, what the hell is the little code to get past those stupid little kids? they're really starting to piss me off what w/ the hidding and running and ARH!

Sorry man, from what I know the password is unique to each game, and I think it's determined by the order you catch the kids in. Sorry, but no shortcuts there. Just to note, 2 in North Clock Town, 1 in West, and 2 in East. The east would be hardest, one kid is on the roof, and the other is holding a cukko on top of a staircase. Hope that helps.

this game brings out the dumb ass in me.)

You always have a time limit of three days, but once you learn the song of time you are able to travel back in time whenever you want and you can also slow time. Before you get the song of time you have to run round like crazy to do everything in time. I remember that being a pain in the arse.

One thing i'd say to anyone who is thinking of getting Majora's Mask is make sure you get the N64 original and NOT THE GAMECUBE COLLECTORS EDITION. I got the latter and found that every so often the game would freeze and need to be reset. Not nice considering sometimes you have to play for hours without being able to save. I originally thought there was something wrong with my disc but have since found that it was a poor port and happens on all the collectors editions. Thanks Nintendo!

Hell i usuallt\y have a day left, to screw around for the one guy in the clock.

By "usually" I guess you are talking about when you're replaying the game. Yeah there's plenty of time when you know what your doing, but I'm talking about the first time through when you don't know the layout of the town and where to go.

There is a whole sense of being rushed through certain parts of MM, which is where I think it loses out to other Zelda games. OoT gave you time to enjoy the scenery.

I like hard games and this one is kind of hard so I like it. The time limit stuff sucks but I guess I need to hurry up and learn the Song of Time.